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provoking horror

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The horrifying scene inside the Co-op, in Allesley Old Road, Chapelfields
This is horrifying not just because of the deterioration it reflects at the military level, but also because of what it implies, in terms of a humanitarian disaster for refugees and of serious threats for the neighboring countries that are hosting those refugees, led by Lebanon and Jordan.
Horace Helfin's Horrifying Halloween" is a young adult novel following the magical elf as he has to fight against the Goblin King for Somertown.
Gillian last night told the Irish Daily Mirror: "We've been in contact with senior members of the gardai - it's disgusting and horrifying.
Laura, 14 YES, it's horrifying that 20 per cent of children have experienced some sort of abuse but it's even more horrifying that they aren't speaking up.
The horrifying truth is that 30-40 million infant males are killed each year in Britain simply because they are the wrong sex to lay eggs.
District Attorney Bret Burns called it the most horrifying single murder case of his 17-year carreer.
Detective Inspector Douglas Weir, of Strathclyde Police, said: "This was a particularly horrifying ordeal for a teenage girl and it's vital we trace the individuals involved.
People must understand that if they access these horrifying images of children being abused in this way they will lose their liberty," said the judge.
A DRUNKEN man launched a horrifying attack on his partner in a town centre - kicking, punching and kneeing her to the face.
Thomas, sentenced to a young offenders' institution for eight years, also threatened to kill the girl during her horrifying half-hour ordeal.
One refugee spaceship's voyage casts it amid a horrifying eugenics project, and eventually leads its survivors to a world scarred by the ravages of the Tauron Occupation--a planet controlled by a "same-gender-oriented-society" where homosexual Echelons wield power and heterosexual "Reproductionists" are persecuted.
And the fact that it was sold to a 12-year-old is horrifying.
An Abundance Of Witches does not shy from sometimes horrifying details, including calculated tallies of men and women strangled or burned alive at the stake, fees paid to those involved in hunting, capturing, and executing witches; materials, components, and implements of torture used for such purposes, a search for the psychological motivations behind the slaughter, and more.
It's horrifying, horrifying,'' he says of the New Orleans hurricane catastrophe.