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Synonyms for horrified

stricken with horror

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The Sultan was horrified, and begged the young man to tell him his story.
The poor miller was much horrified by these tidings, and went in to his wife with a heavy heart to tell her and his relations of the fatal bargain he had just struck with the nixy.
She advanced, unconscious alike of Robin's horrified gaze and the evil fury of the stag.
You are horrified at our intending to do away with private property.
The doctor was horrified when he saw the effect he had produced upon his guest, whom he now began to love when he saw him thus.
I attempted to spring to my feet but was horrified to discover that my muscles refused to respond to my will.
Tarzan would not have been averse to this plan; but Lady Greystoke was horrified at the very thought of it.
If I was shocked when I saw her yesterday, I was horrified when I saw her today.
I see you look horrified, and yet I am telling you nothing new.
Morrel, horrified, supported his head with one hand, and with the other pressed his heart, lest its beatings should be heard.
She was going to the fountain Artacia from which the people bring in their water, and when my men had come close up to her, they asked her who the king of that country might be, and over what kind of people he ruled; so she directed them to her father's house, but when they got there they found his wife to be a giantess as huge as a mountain, and they were horrified at the sight of her.
He waited in a sort of a horrified, listening attitude.
Nine-tenths of the English people are horrified at what you say.
The difficulty was solved by supposing that the narrator had made a mistake of one day in the date of the occurrence; so that our friend did not hesitate to introduce the story at every tavern and country store along the road, expending a whole bunch of Spanish wrappers among at least twenty horrified audiences.
I suspect he was secretly horrified at these invasions.