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Synonyms for horrified

stricken with horror

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She knew that Sonya with her severe and simple views would either not understand it at all or would be horrified at such a confession.
Jane Porter leaned forward with a tense and horrified expression on her face as the hand of the man she was to marry groped about beneath the coat.
Whilst I did so the horrified girls re-doubled their shrieks.
Her eyes were widespread in an expression of horrified anticipation and fixed directly upon me as I came in sight above the edge of the deck.
She caught the meaning of my words, and the cruelty of her answering smile horrified me.
At last my hand closed upon the ship's rail and that very instant a horrid shriek rang out below me that sent my blood cold and turned my horrified eyes downward to a shrieking, hurtling, twisting thing that shot downward into the awful chasm beneath me.
Beyond Thurid I could see my Dejah Thoris, wide-eyed and horrified, struggling at her bonds.
The Frau Professor stared at her with horrified surprise; she had thought it was no more than naughtiness on the child's part, and innocent, folly.
He could not understand what strange emotion distracted him; he seemed to feel something infinitely attractive, and yet he was repelled and horrified.
Again and again the lioness repeated these tactics, until finally the horrified prisoner within saw a portion of the lattice give way, and in an instant one great paw and the head of the animal were thrust within the room.
With a horrified scream the poor woman rose to her hands and knees, and in this position scurried across the room, shrieking: "O Gaberelle
I was horrified at the thought that upon the very threshold of salvation he might be dead.
A dozen times he scrambled up the trunks like a huge cat only to fall back to the ground once more, and with each failure he cast a horrified glance over his shoulder at the oncoming brute, simultaneously emitting terror-stricken shrieks that awoke the echoes of the grim forest.
EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm PRIYA is pleased to see how good Nell is with her daughter, but it's not long before she's horrified to find Amba with pills in her hands.
Sturgeon added: "I've been horrified, as many people have been horrified, at many of the things Donald Trump is saying in this campaign, many of the things it that has been revealed he's said previously.