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Synonyms for horridness

a quality of extreme unpleasantness

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It fell to the floor and it was up and walking circles, choking and nodding its head as it walked away and it was as though it didn't even sense my presence any longer, only the vividness of what it was to choke, and then it stopped and it was breathing and I searched the garage with my eyes and saw all the ugliness of the struts and the filthy black tar paper and the terrible nature of things with no meaning in them any longer, a place of death and the horridness of all things put away.
Sometimes, it places a horridness picture of racist massacre, but some times a peace with temporary interval for the concerned sections to be relaxed and calculate the devastation.
Further holiday horridness will be on offer in half-term activities based on the ever-popular Horrid Henry books by Francesca Simon.
Yet, the horridness and sordidness that permeate the world of Eliot's early poems are "the negative aspect of the impulse toward the pursuit of beauty" (SW 99).
In step with medieval and early modern associations between women's transgressive spiritual witchy knowledge and transgressive sexual behavior, Prospero further implies that Sycorax's horridness is connected to her obscene sexuality.
But, on the other hand, it ironically brings her yet again face to face with the old, recalcitrant demons of prejudice, an encounter far more unsettling in its stark horridness of entrance because of who the players are--victims and perpetrators alike--the Batswana themselves among whom she has come to launch her literary career and to predicate that career on charting a new course toward a redemptive world.
As one would expect, sex is a persistent theme as is the horridness of much of his family's life back in London.
12) [But as the sun departs, there dwell at once / dark night and clouds and horridness of mist, / which quite resemble hell, and charge one's eyes / with blindness, and makes every soul afraid.