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in a hideous manner

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Xenophobes are horridly stuck in thinking that pure national bodies are either attainable or should be defended.
A ragged gull, arcing close, was enlarged horridly in the magnifying window.
She glances at the instructions and futzes around for a few minutes with the items, which to me now horridly look as if they'd been airdropped by extraterrestrial drones--she then fits them together just right
Not long ago, Filipino migrant groups were involved in the case of a young Indonesian woman named Erwiana who made history of sorts when the media revealed that she had been horridly tortured by her mistress.
But Ben Macintyre manages to retell it in a way that makes Philby s destructive genius fresh and horridly fascinating--and to me, at least, ultimately inexplicable.
Not that his servile political leadership of the province and the huge bureaucratic leviathan that it heads were any quick to come alive to the calamity ravaging the wretched area so horridly.
Harby treats Shakespeare's anti-Semitism as one in a series of artistic lapses that includes the "absurd and unnatural courtship which 'Richard III' makes to Lady Ann," the "horrible incidents in 'Titus Andronicus,"' and the final act of King Lear, which, in its original Shakespearean form, is "too horridly powerful to be viewed.
Accordingly, one must then ask whether the horridly dramatic and painful death of Williamson, the fat man "addicted to fantastic shows" (Snows 24), is similarly emblematic and appropriate.
Not only is the rite of Persephone's equinox ascension parodied, but the investment in the feminine icon that is the Southern Persephone is also savaged; the corpse of the woman becomes a puppet, a horridly intensified version of the surrogate meaning heaped upon the Southern white woman by society.
Tannic reds are not comfortable with cheese that has a bit of an acid bite like Appleby's 'Jubilee' or Reserve Cheshire and can taste horridly metallic with smoked cheese.
Hooker, "What a book a Devil's chaplain might write on the clumsy, wasteful, blundering low & horridly cruel works of nature
horridly trick'd / With blood of fathers, mothers, daughters, sons.
In fact, the Constitution seems horridly deficient in stemming the bailout peril.
But our kindly Slimming World co-ordinator Bex showed me a lump of latex that horridly resembled the amount of fat that had gone from my body and I was suitably impressed.