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in a hideous manner

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Not that his servile political leadership of the province and the huge bureaucratic leviathan that it heads were any quick to come alive to the calamity ravaging the wretched area so horridly.
Accordingly, one must then ask whether the horridly dramatic and painful death of Williamson, the fat man "addicted to fantastic shows" (Snows 24), is similarly emblematic and appropriate.
Tannic reds are not comfortable with cheese that has a bit of an acid bite like Appleby's 'Jubilee' or Reserve Cheshire and can taste horridly metallic with smoked cheese.
Hooker, "What a book a Devil's chaplain might write on the clumsy, wasteful, blundering low & horridly cruel works of nature
horridly trick'd / With blood of fathers, mothers, daughters, sons.
But our kindly Slimming World co-ordinator Bex showed me a lump of latex that horridly resembled the amount of fat that had gone from my body and I was suitably impressed.
Added to this, a strong westerly wind blowing it against the windows and into all the rooms, must render it horridly unpleasant, and were it not for the civility of the hospitable Mrs.
In fact, ucans indignation at the effeminate Egyptians and their boy king, as horridly inadequate to doom such a hero as they are to memorialize him, (20) is transferred to Caesar's own mouth: he is appalled that the "life and light of Rome" should fall "to a Boy, / That had no faith to comprehend thy greatnesse," and tells them that, since "nothing can cover his high fame, but heaven .
If this is the case, then to horridly adapt a poem by Zeki AliC* "slowly, we are becoming two" and not "one", as the poet visionary once declared.
s horridly congested traffic, they could also place an extra five-cents-a-gallon gas tax on the milk-shake-guzzling public, because it takes more fuel to haul them around and fattens already extra-large potholes.
In short, creative writing is horridly messy and incorrigibly contingent, as any honest writer will fess up, yet in the end it's where the stuff comes from.
59-61) (7) and: What may this mean, That thou, dead course, again in complete steel Revisits thus the glimpses of the moon, Making night hideous and we fools of nature So horridly to shake our disposition With thoughts beyond the reaches of our souls?
The WRU will, of course, pooh-pooh all this as sentimental claptrap and state in that horridly smug way of theirs that it was Jenkins' decision to apply for the job and in so doing he has laid himself open to the exactly the same sort of disappointment that other candidates face.
The team that couldn't finish the job last season, that finished the season horridly, is riding a six-game winning streak.