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Synonyms for horribly

of a dreadful kind

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Of course, I am horribly ashamed," she exclaimed, "but then--well, I'm myself.
I at once pictured to myself a creature with spectacles and lank hair, horribly freckled, and tramping about on huge feet.
When night came I fell asleep, but only to be awakened once more by the terrible snake, which after hissing horribly round the tree at last reared itself up against it, and finding my sleeping comrade who was perched just below me, it swallowed him also, and crawled away leaving me half dead with terror.
Brewer, who had observed them at the same moment, was leaning forward in an attitude of rapt attention, horribly pale.
And how horribly wretched and maimed must their arguments have appeared!
Said Chinaman convulsively wrestles with one of his many Gods or Devils, perhaps, and snarls horribly.
His pock-marked features were working horribly as he talked silent to himself.
He grinned down horribly into the face of his victim.
Julie Fadden, RSPCA inspector, said: "This was a horribly sad case.
That something could be at the same time horribly, horribly emotionally negative, but you could take professional pride in how you conducted yourselves and what you had done.
Rival Burger King is in the Bullring, while the Golden Arches are represented in the horribly cramped Paradise Forum and the horribly ramped entrance to the tired old Pallasades.
But then it goes horribly wrong and he has this massive rejection.
I think on this occasion he has got that horribly wrong.
Alistair added: "Got horribly ill last week, went into hospital with a sore tummy and came out two days later.
But his performance elicited less than positive reviews from other critics, with the Guardian's Lucy Mangan concluding that the final scenes "took on the air of a Victoria Wood sketch gone horribly, horribly wrong".