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the art of designing and making clocks

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Flageollet, a descendant in a long line of watchmakers, has horology in his blood and an impressive resume to confirm his top position in the industry.
The empirical contribution of the piece focuses on three sectors: Internet protocol, open source software, and horology.
the world's leading auction house specializing in the sale of horology (watches and clocks), has leased a total of 10,337 s/f at 595 Madison Avenue.
Rather, the most prolific industries of Geneva included banking--as represented by the successes of Jacques Necker--investing, horology, and cotton textiles.
The science and study of timekeeping is called horology.
TRAINING: Several universities and colleges offer courses in horology, including the University of Central England in Birmingham, Epping Forest College, St Loyes in Devon and City College, Manchester.
This book is liberally peppered with scholarly vignettes by specialist contributors in a wide range of topics from conchology, steam engine construction, Aboriginal art, horology and of course a section on Phar Lap, possibly the most famous and most visited museum exhibit in Australia.
He has published on eighteenth-century British literature, eighteenth-century horology, classification theory, digital text design, and Canadian book history.
According to a report by the China Horology Association, Japanese and Swiss watches in the top grade occupy 85% of the Chinese market in the 500-1,000 yuan range.
But that and poor wages have meant that there are very few new recruits to horology.
New Chronometer honors brand's nautical legacy in haute horology
Today, Blancpain pursues its enduring commitment to the renewal of mechanical horology, steadily passing on exceptional expertise from one generation to the next by constant investments in human resources, production technologies and research.
Put together by the Dubai Culture, retailer Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons and the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve (GPHG), the Geneva-based foundation that recognises the best in watchmaking every year, the inaugural event will celebrate the history, dedication, innovation, achievements and master craftsmen in the world of horology.
Craig and Rebecca Struthers launched Struthers London to explore ways in which they could combine new watch trends and technology with the traditional hand skills and craftsmanship of horology.
The manufactories presented their latest collections and select highlights to those with a passion for haute horology, underlining the craftsmanship behind their creations and drawing focus to their philosophies, technical innovations, and above all, exceptional savoir-faire