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the art of designing and making clocks

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At Stephen Silver's watch boutique, store horologists will be working overtime on Saturday to re-set their extensive collection of rare mechanical timepieces.
The refinement of brutal gang boss Jamie Stevenson is arguable but there is no debate that for a few years he was one of Scotland's most extravagant and discerning horologists.
The pieces were created in about 1810 and are considered very desirable items by horologists.
A number of bursaries are being offered by The Clockmakers' Company to enable students to undertake the course after recognising the current shortage of professional horologists.
Part of the timepiece's great charm is the style, one that is referred to amongst horologists as a presentation case.
A team of horologists has launc hed a mission to get every public clock in the city ticking again in the next fi ve years.
GOOD news for horologists - Cardiff Castle's clock will be back in action shortly.
We are rumored to descend from a line of alchemists and horologists.
Astronomers and some horologists pursued exactly-measured time.