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inviting me to follow it, to be its partner in a new horologe
Before then I had been playing much more chamber-style music on the Horologe of Dreamers and in another group on the pot, and I was too absorbed in that almost ambient music.
First there is a review of a CD by the Durman & Posejpal duo, and then an article on Horologe of Dreamers, a free association of free improvisers.
It all started in the Sumava Forest, first of all just for the reason that there were no musical instruments there", recounted Jaroslav Koran in 1993, and since then not much about the Horologe of Dreamers [Orloj snivcu] has changed.
The Horologe of Dreamers is both a music project and the original musical instrument through which all the music is realised.
The horologe is a sound installation made of found metal objects.
Koran has been continuing to improve and tune the Horologe to this day by patient selection of iron bars, pegs, nails, and tin plates.