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catfish common in eastern United States

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Giza were joined yesterday by Rick Brady, 62, of Palmer, who caught a hornpout and perch.
The pond contains bass, perch, pike and hornpout, and Mrs.
He pointed out that the brook is an over-wintering site for mallards, wood ducks and Canada geese, and is home to great blue herons and other water birds, fish species including hornpout, carp, blue gill, bass, pickerel, and frogs, painted turtles and snapping turtles.
BROOKFIELD - Local health officials said they learned of a large fish kill on the Quaboag River yesterday after an anonymous caller told the selectmen's secretary he'd seen thousands of dead perch, pickerel, bass and hornpout while boating on Wednesday.
As I traveled the Orange and New Salem portions of the road, I remembered my father taking me as a young child to fish for hornpout - never very successfully - in the small ponds along Route 122 near Quabbin Gate 31 in New Salem.