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music for dancing the hornpipe

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an ancient (now obsolete) single-reed woodwind

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But he had the prospect of dancing with her again when the hornpipe was concluded, and in the meanwhile it was very pleasant to get long glances at her quite unobserved.
I was tired to death of jigging and gallanting, and that bother about the hornpipes.
An actress's Reading of a chambermaid, a dancer's Reading of a hornpipe, a singer's Reading of a song, a marine painter's Reading of the sea, the kettle-drum's Reading of an instrumental passage, are phrases ever youthful and delightful.
Tuckle, dressed out with the cocked hat and stick, danced the frog hornpipe among the shells on the table, while the gentleman in blue played an accompaniment upon an ingenious musical instrument formed of a hair-comb upon a curl-paper.
Dance a hornpipe," cut in Fred, as Jo paused for breath, "and, as they danced, the rubbishy old castle turned to a man-of-war in full sail.
Yet this will I say for Malkin, for so I call her, that unless you were to borrow a ride on the juggler's steed that paces a hornpipe amongst the eggs, you could not go a journey on a creature so gentle and smooth-paced.
As well as the mass percussion session, there will be an opportunity to sing along to Bizet's Toreador Song and even 'dance' the hornpipe.
The music will include Blue Danube, Stars and Stripes, Colonel Bogey, the Dam Busters theme, 633 Squadron, Rule Britannia, Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory, Sailor's Hornpipe and more.
Handel's is the star name here but he has only three short items on the disc, most notably a Concerto for Two French Horns in F, an adaptation of the Allegro Alla Hornpipe from his Water Music, brilliantly played by Alec Frank-Gemmill and Joseph Walters.
The crowd were electrified by a truly rousing version of Crossing the Bar and, although encores aren't generally encouraged due to fairly tight festival scheduling, they managed to squeeze a quick hornpipe in at the end.
The concert will include Spring by Antonio Vivaldi from his bigger piece The Four Seasons, Alla Hornpipe by George Friderik Handel from the Water Music, the magical Waltz No.
Tracks include Black Jack Davy and Fairies Hornpipe.
A message sent to top brass on May 19, 1944, substituted Halcyon for D-Day and Hornpipe for Operation Overlord.
The theme tune is from The Trumpet Hornpipe arranged by Philip Lane who had learned the tune from Jimmy Shand.
There is also a grand raf-fle for a painting by local artist Jimmy Thompson, a display of the hornpipe by the Sea Cadets, live music in the form of the Steel Band, a visit by the Sea King helicopter from RAF Boulmer, which will take part in an exercise with the Amble Inshore Lifeboat at 2.