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music for dancing the hornpipe

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an ancient (now obsolete) single-reed woodwind

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As well as Holst and Bizet, it also includes Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King from the Peer Gynt Suite; Stravinsky's Danse Infernale from The Firebird; Parry's Jack's the Lad hornpipe from Fantasia on Sea Songs, a regular at the Last Night of the Proms; an arrangement of pop anthem YMCA and 'I Want To Be Like You' from Jungle Book.
Although the OED defines the hornpipe as 'a dance of a lively and vigorous character, usually performed by a single person, orig.
Her husband is not totally unemployed and sometimes, she says, he plays timpani and hornpipe at weddings and parties.
Allowing a third party - no, not the Liberal Democrats - into the marital bed, for example, or taking the kind of pills that give you hallucinations of Jack the Ripper dancing the hornpipe with a llama in the corner of your living-room.
His performance in the hornpipe, the reel and the set dance were judged on both technical accuracy and artistic flair.
dancing a last hornpipe in the updraft, his guilty hands
Thus we hear that in 1772, James Cook entertained the King of Tahiti with a "night of bagpipes and seamen's hornpipe dancing", while 20 years on, Vancouver arrived at the Hawaiian island of Kauai to find the local prince would only answer to the title King George.
Highly recommended for family, preschool, elementary school, and community library CD music collections, the selections include: Going To Grandma's (4:26); Secrets (2:16); Sailor's Hornpipe (2:03); I'm My Own Grandpa (2:41); Mother Was A Goose (3:19); Like Love (3:32); Turkey In The Straw (3:43); Peace Will Dawn (3:30; Rounded Glass Jig (1:22); All Is Well (5:48); and the title piece, Little Red Wagon (4:36).
Small, tricky, balletic jumps and a quick circle of turns follow little hornpipe steps or a doglike shake of the body, and Boal makes the speed and detail look easy.
I'm interested in a lot of different kinds of music, particularly folk and traditional American music, which is where some of the hornpipe segments come from.
Competitors including Paddy and Lorraine had to whistle a variety of tunes such as jigs, reels, hornpipe and polka.
The retreat from Dunkirk was illus trated by For Those In Peril On the Sea and Hornpipe, an audience tap along from Sir Henry Wood's Fantasia on British Sea Songs.
As ever, Gordon entertained with great stories and opened the second half with March on a Yorkshire Tune and Hornpipe Humoresque by Noel Rawsthorne.
With audience participation and magical digital animation effects, the swashbuckling programme includes The Storm from William Tell, The Thunder and Lightning Polka, En Bateau, The Sabre Dance, Pirates of the Caribbean Medley, Jamaican Rumba and The Sailor's Hornpipe.
At one point Inglis moved into the front stalls and selected Diane and Georgia, a mother and daughter from Leicester, onto the stage where they made a reasonable job of conducting the excellent London Concert Orchestra in Hornpipe from Fantasia on British Sea Songs.