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Synonyms for hornlike

made of horn (or of a substance resembling horn)

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The beetles even have hornlike projections near their necks that keep the floss from slipping over their bodies.
They are morphologically different from Clade A by the absence of pleurobranchiae on pereiopods 4 and 5, the lack of epipod on third maxilliped, presence of rostral teeth only on dorsal side, symmetrical and semiclosed petasma with hornlike or spoutlike distolateral projections, closed thelycum with one lateral plate, and the seminal receptacles paired and invaginated.
DeLP rules are thus Hornlike clauses to be thought of as inference rules rather than implications in the object language.
The Israelites saw the radiating light as threatening, as hornlike, kerenlike, a perception that objectifies the fear that they experienced in Moses's presence.
Mosaics inspired by children's drawings spiral around two curving, hornlike columns; the kids also came up with the words that adorn the gate's central orb--words like wisdom, honor, and vision.
Pleurocystidia: Abundant, thick walled, fusiform ventricose with 2-5 hornlike projections at apex.
On a living dinosaur, the bone would have had a covering of hornlike material, and that could have made it 15 inches or longer
By the age of twenty-four, he had already shown that by loosening up the rhythm played by his left hand and boldly spinning out complex, hornlike melodies with his right, his instrument could be freed forever from its role as a mere time-keeper in the band.
It turns out that many three-dimensional hyperbolic manifolds have hornlike corners.