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having no horns


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A complete definition of statesmanship cannot dispense with either of these paths, because each provides important information about herd tending: birds such as cranes are distinguished from the human herd, while hornless, non-interbreeding kinds presumably are tended differently from the horned and interbreeding varieties.
Although it was later confirmed to be the bone of a hornless rhinoceros known as a Subhyracodon, the Big Pig Dig would eventually unearth more than 15,000 bones from a menagerie of wild creatures--three-toed horses, turtles, saber-toothed cats, and more--before the dig was completed during the 2008 field season.
the hornless lamb hits you with his horn, the hornless lamb
Since skull fragments of hornless sheep occur among the faunal remains, it seems plausible.
As an unsuspecting horned male stands guard at the entrance to a female's tunnel, a hornless male digs a horizontal side tunnel that connects to it.
AFTER THE DINOSAURS: THE AGE OF MAMMALS finally takes the focus off the dinosaur and into the next era: an age where Earth was inhabited by an array of strange creatures, from huge hornless rhinos to an elephant-like hoofed mammal.
A hornless stag or spurless cock would have a poor chance of leaving offspring.
The finding quashes the proposal by some anthropologists that ancient settlers rapidly hunted the creatures--including a hornless, rhinolike creature, a flightless bird that resembled an emu, and a short-faced kangaroo--out of existence.
25 cents for every calf, swine, or sheep; 5 cents for every head of horned or hornless cattle; 10 cents for every horse, gelding, mare, or mule.
Contrary to popular opinion, Viking helmets were hornless.
Bruno, center, receives a DAV plaque, Jacket and Ground Zero T-shirt from the DA V in recognition of his support of the Albany Hornless Veterans Stand Down.
Musk deer are small, with a body length of about 1 meter, and hornless.
Females are smaller and hornless, with tawny coloration.
5kg that it eats The largest-known land mammal known was a long-necked hornless early type of rhinoceros that roamed Asia and Europe 35 million years ago, measuring 5.