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having no horns


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Why do poachers continue to target hornless rhinos?
It shall look like forcing bull's horns on a hornless donkey.
For example, a University of Minnesota animal scientist has used the TALENs technique to transfer an Angus beef cow gene for the hornless (polled) trait into the Holstein dairy cattle breed.
Cows edited to be hornless would not have DNA from a different species, just from a different breed of cattle.
Hornless, with good sound feet, and a strong bone structure, its considerable merits guarantee a good investment and place it high on many farmers' wish lists.
Goats have horns unless they are polled" meaning genetically hornless or the horns have been removed typically soon after birth.
When their hands are upon, I know I am mere story, a hornless curiosity
Small antelope species such as the common duiker, grysbok, Sharp's grysbok, steenbok and klipspringer, all have hornless females.
Otherwise, it could result in the division of the marketplace if, for instance one beef packer were to accept only steers, only heifers, only Holsteins, or only hornless cattle.
We couldn't find a supplier who could do us hornless helmets, so we bought these instead.
The other is Arfidya, sometimes called Tamtam, and are small and hornless.
In impala, for example, the chance of being injured is considerably higher for poachers when using nets compared to using snares or firearms, so poachers prefer hornless females (and their calves) over horned males.
Statesmanship is found first by separating foot-going herds into hornless, non-interbreeding kinds that go on two feet (265c-266b).
Exasperated by the earthling lunkhead, the Thark leader leans over from his mount on a hornless rhinoceros-like creature and slaps the unsuspecting Carter on the back of his head, as though he were a particularly feckless fifth grader.