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a musician who plays a horn (especially a French horn)

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Saturday in Beall Hall, features Pacific Northwest hornists, including Eugene Symphony's Brad Kintscher, Pacific Lutheran University professor Gina Gillie, Portland State University professor Melissa Robinson, Central Washington University professor Jeff Snedeker and others.
As the hornist walks onstage, the lights are raised and the still-meterless horn line becomes more active, culminating in a frantic section that highlights the horn's agility.
The Faculty Artist Series performance will also feature string players Fritz Gearhart, Leslie Straka, Lillie Wells and Andy Kolb; clarinetists Michael Anderson and Cindi Bartels; bassoonists Steve Vacchi and Helena Kopchick; hornist Jeanie Neven; and pianist David Riley.
Scheduled to compete are some top student performers at the School of Music and Dance: flutist Elizabeth Erenberg; hornist Andrew Hiserote; cellist Wan-ting Huang; oboist Cooper Wright; vocalist Greg Guenther; trumpeter Dylan Girard; marimbist Alexander Singer; violinist Holland Phillips; soprano Megan Williams; and cellist Joseph Howe.
Principal hornist Elspeth Dutch was not above the occasional accident here, but her lip-control in the Prologue and offstage Epilogue (all on natural notes) was impressive.
Scholarships were awarded in memory of the late Roger Collins, the founding hornist of the Camerata Woodwind Quintet and horn professor at WIU from 1966-1997.
Pianist Malcolm Wilson, oboist George Caird, clarinettist Colin Parr, bassoonist Maria Mealey and hornist Elspeth Dutch played with vivid commitment, under the reassuring baton of Edwin Roxburgh - though the need for a conductor might well rob this piece of its chambermusic credentials in some eyes.
On Monday, August 3, 2015, hornist Jeffrey Snedeker and pianist Aram Arakelyan performed the International Horn Society's Featured Division Composition Contest Winner: Mountain Sketches for Horn and Piano by Paul Johnston, as well as Honorable Mention recipient: Miniatures for Horn and Piano by Sy Brandon.
He also has the wisdom to reap the experience of his players, so the many instrumental solos within Shostakovich's epic Tenth Symphony were delivered with immense natural authority; a chance here to notice the formidable musical gifts of new principal clarinettist Tim Lines, to express gratitude that brilliant young principal hornist Elspeth Dutch did not deliver her part with the steppe-wide vibrato with which Shostakovich's Russian hornists would have played safe - and to acknowledge saxophonist Mark O'Brien, unsung hero of a colourful Prokofiev Lieutenant Kije.
Primordial Fantasy" is virtually a concerto for a nine-piece chamber orchestra; performers include pianist Marcantonio Barone, oboist Moore, clarinetist Wayne Bennett, hornist Ellen Campbell, percussionists Sean Wagoner and Tracy Freeze, violist Lucktenberg, cellist Pologe and bassist Tyler Abbott.
Any horn student aspiring for improvement, any horn student aspiring to become a professional hornist or teacher, and any professional hornist or teacher open to the rejuvenation of new ideas, strategies, and nomenclature should reference this valuable, insightful, and inspiring work.
Athletic calls from the soloist, the impressively imperturbable CBSO hornist Mark Phillips, evoked the nature imagery of early Romantics such as Weber and the young Wagner.
Corrado Maria Saglietti, Italian hornist and composer, was commissioned in 1992 by Josef Burnam, a trombone-playing colleague of his from the RAI orchestra, to write a piece for alto trombone and string quartet.