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Synonyms for horniness

a state of sexual arousal

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In a Post column on July 5, 2001, Mark Steyn wrote that Richler "was, as the American critic James Wolcott said, a 'horny' writer, the horniness palpable from the earliest work right up to Barney's Version.
Giovanni Trapattoni's hopes of being able to prepare for the tournament in peace have been dashed after a local tourism chief claimed that spa town Terme Montecatini's water boosts visitors' health, as well as their horniness.
From five-year-olds to octogenarians, they all wanted to sit, touch and marvel at its sheer horniness.
M: "Wanton" is the highest state of horniness in a woman before she comes.
Tucked away, one presumes, beyond life and liberty but within the pursuit of horniness.
It's about horniness and neurotic anxiety on its surface, but deep down this is a true relationship comedy of a pretty complex order.