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a fine-grained metamorphic rock formed by the action of heat on clay rocks


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Once leaving Hobbs 1 pipe, the hole entered into a very strongly altered and skarnified zone of hornfels characterised by semi-continuous zones of intense stockwork quartz veining.
Its blank was a pebble of spotted pelitic hornfels (cordierite hornfels), which they said 'are abundant in the Nepean River gravels, coming from a bedrock source in the upper Coxs River'.
The mineralization is hosted in a wide and intense zone of biotite hornfels with abundant pyrite and arsenopyrite within Knob Hill Formation sediments (Table 1).
The company president, Gregory E McKelvey, said, 'Significant trace element intercepts coincident with a major hornfels event and cross cutting veining with numerous gold occurrences over hundreds of metres is an exciting verification of a significantly larger gold target than was understood in the past.
Hornfels also occurs locally, particularly adjacent to the metamorphic zone near Mount Alexina and as cobbles within Hughes Creek.
This created an an andalusite-mica-cordierite hornfels skarn, as well as mottled schist and fruchtschiefer (a kind of spotted slate).
From the second location 3 kinds of rock samples were taken: granite, hornfels, and the sample from the "contact" between the granite and the hornfels.
The client geologist had identified the main constituent ore types in the orebody as follows: trachyte porphyry (76%); quartz trachyte porphyry (12%); Precambrian schist (7%); with Cambrian hornfels and quartzite and horublende trachyte porphyry accounting for the remainder.
My favourite is the Hornfels from the Mourne Mountains, which is easily identified by hill walkers as the stone with a green glisten when it is wet," said Rune.
5) summarize the results from a survey over a cupriferous pyrite skarn at Baijiacun, Shanghai, which plunges westward along the contact zone between granodiorite and interlayered marbles in hornfels, and is concealed beneath 140 to 160 m of transported Quaternary sediments, on which a thick soil cover has developed.
Three types of drilling were employed on a variety of geologic targets including skarn, hornfels, gossan, veins, jasperoid, stockworks and porphyry, including the metals Pb, Zn, Cu, Mo, Ag and Au.
Subsequently the late Variscan Logrosan granite intrusion gave rise to a contact metamorphic aureole represented by an inner hornfels zone and an outer zone of spotted phyllites and chlorite schists (Chicharro et al.
The member here consists of massive hornfels, in which the cleavage has been largely annealed, and originally finer-grained pelitic units display strongly pitted surfaces due to weathering of coarse retrogressed cordierite porphyroblasts.
Hole GHD007 is oriented toward the NE, and was designed to target the NE edge of Hobbs Pipe 1 near the surface, and continue on to test the geology beneath historical highly anomalous hornfels metasediment hosted mineralisation.
Most Stones of the region are penetrative granite, metamorphic shiest and hornfels and Fourth period alluvium.