horned toad

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insectivorous lizard with hornlike spines on the head and spiny scales on the body

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Unique iconography such as the Shiner Bock ram head (traditional German image for Bock-style beers), original brew kettle, brewery's architectural elements, Texas horned toad and Austin's Congress Avenue Bridge home to thousands of Mexican free-tail bats.
Before and after" you have rubbed on the papaya juice, or the horned toad extract, or whatever.
The titles alone will make most adults squirm: ``The Really Wicked Droning Wasp, and Other Things That Bite and Sting''; ``The Really Hairy Scary Spider, and Other Creatures With Lots of Legs''; ``The Really Horrible Horned Toad, and Other Cold, Clammy Creatures,'' and ``The Really Fearsome Blood-Loving Vampire Bat, and Other Creatures With Strange Eating Habits.
Currently, there are nine statewide Texas Nature Tracker projects that monitor species of concern in the state, including horned toads, hummingbirds, prairie dogs, whooping cranes, mussels, turtles, and even bumblebees.
The invading ants typically wipe out many species of native insects and can cause food shortages for insect eaters, such as horned toads, and create crises for ant-dispersed plants (SN: 10/20/01, p.