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insectivorous lizard with hornlike spines on the head and spiny scales on the body

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Henke SE (2008) Use of passive integrated transponders in hatchling Texas Horned Lizards.
2002: Lemm, 2006; McGurty, 1980) that increasing human populations and consequent habitat destruction may have caused a rapid decline in the populations of horned lizards in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties.
Horned lizards (genus Phrynosoma) are considered dietary ant specialists, yet there is much variation in the degree of myrmecophagy among the 13 currently recognized species (Montanucci, 1989).
Radio backpacks are strapped onto the horned lizards to monitor their comings and goings.
Texas horned lizards were once so common that in the 1950s a small West Texas gas station paid local kids a nickel for each reptile they collected, and then gave one to each customer who bought a full tank of gas.
Horned lizards have a robust rounded body (SVL 6-9 cm) and a distinctly knob-like head bearing spines.
Herein we report two observations of reproductive activity of these two horned lizards.
Notes on systematics of horned lizards allied to Phrynosoma orbiculare (Lacertilia: Iguanidae).
Many kinds of wildlife inhabit the park, including Gila Monsters, Horned lizards, Gecko lizards and Chuckwalla lizards.
Then lands for desert horned lizards, Puerto Rican crested toads, and Connecticut rattlers.
Texas horned lizards are common throughout the refuge and lizards use the roads for morning and evening activity.
In particular, the number of species in California could be substantially underestimated because even well studied groups like horned lizards are likely to be comprised of multiple cryptic species, according to McGuire.
Unarmored three-spine stickleback fish, San Fernando Valley spineflowers, Southwest arroyo toads, Western spadefoot toads, horned lizards and many other species already call the project site home.
He and his colleagues compared the length of the horns on dangling remains of horned lizards with horn lengths of lizards still alive.
Horned lizards forage in open areas where prey items are dense, e.