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a primer that provides instruction in the rudiments or basic skills of a branch of knowledge

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1983) (requiring insider-defendant to disgorge profits representing the increased value of the shares at a reasonable time after public dissemination of the information); see also HAZEN HORNBOOK, supra note 3, at 193 (rev.
Beyond the law itself, there is today simply too much commentary--treatises, Restatements, hornbooks, and journals not to mention blogs and wikisfor any single person to navigate through direct familiarity alone.
Cases tell the story in a way that hornbooks, treatises and other narrative secondary sources simply can't replicate.
Full-color photography reveals the exquisite detail in each piece, from cups to hornbooks, plaster-and-gold sculptures, and much more.
Because I didn't know a thing about the common law, civil procedure, or the actual practice of civil litigation, I dug into "book research," not just the cases and statutes, but treatises, digests, hornbooks, law reviews, and encyclopedias.
Facsimiles of hornbooks (1) and their successor, the battledore, are examined here within the context of a selection of contemporaneous English language alphabet books from the Library's rare Children's Literature Collection.
Returning to the textbook example, educational historians claim to trace a history of "the" North American textbook from Colonial hornbooks to the Open Court series today; however, this would be a crude representation.
ON FIRST READING REHNQUIST'S JURISPRUDENCE (32) Much have I studied in the realms of law, And many goodly cases and hornbooks read; Round many western law schools have I led Discussions on what Athena saw.
But dear as these items were to Leslie, it was, in fact, the ephemera of the people who could not afford to buy books that gave him the biggest thrill--not just broadsides and chapbooks of popular songs and ballads but also children's hornbooks and primers which had been used to help someone learn to read or write.
According to this conceit, which is now the standard interpretation enshrined in countless histories and hornbooks, Marbury v.
The chapter Technology, Education and Information illustrates the evolution of technology from hornbooks to electronic media, requiring new visions and a balanced approach to collection development.
Another interesting section of Girls and Literacy provides excerpts from hornbooks, readers, conduct books, and other instructional materials.
The Hornbooks of Rita K might just obliterate the gap for good.
From hornbooks and primers to textbooks and computers, they'll discover the wide variety of tools and techniques developed to educate U.
A while back, hornbooks, their pages covered with transparent sheets of a thin horn-like material, were used to teach kids to read.