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a green to black mineral of the amphibole group

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The lithology of the area consists of greenschists, mica schists, quartzites, hornblende schists, amphibolites, garnet-amphibolites, serpentinites and porphyritic hypabyssal rocks with andesitic to dacitic composition (Figure 1).
At the western section of the greenschists, these are in transitional contact with hornblende schists.
At their western part, the hornblende schists are in contact with serpentinites (Figure 1).
Anthophyllite schists are restricted to hornblende schists, and they appear as anastomosed irregular lenses, with thicknesses between 4 and 11 cm, composed of translucent and fibrous minerals parallel to schistosity (Figure 2i).
the mineral assemblages at equilibrium found in greenschists, hornblende schists, garnet amphibolites, and amphibolites, and 2.
The first one corresponds to amphibolite facies (Figure 3e), defined by hornblende + plagioclase [+ or -] garnet [+ or -] quartz.
The mineral assemblage corresponds to anthophyllite + hornblende + quartz + plagioclase + chlorite + epidote minerals, with titanite and calcite as accessory minerals.