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shaped in the form of a horn

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The single-walled carbon nanohorn which is a horn-shaped nano carbon structure with a large surface area radially gather and are connected fibrously in several micrometers.
n], the flow over the roof was easy to turn to the downward direction, and did not separate at the rear end of the backdoor glass, and finally the horn-shaped vortices were formed at the lower part of the rear bumper.
The researchers used a variety of instruments to determine that the horn-shaped layer of ozone near the storm contained 150 ppbv of ozone--an amount that extended more than 2 miles into the troposphere.
She also has a horn-shaped wall clock (photo on page 44 of the May 2005 issue of The Horn Call).
Georgian Valleys Corporation, whose Jani Red Wine comes in a horn-shaped ceramic bottle.
Horn-shaped drinking cups of this type were popular for at least a millennium.
There's a brilliant crescent moon, as if the full moon was pressed against a horn-shaped slit in the sky.
This figure shows the cross section of the horn-shaped portion protruding out until near the flow front.
This work and the two T'ang, moulded, horn-shaped drinking cups (rhytons), one, a dragon head with a ball in its mouth and the second, a bird head with a cluster of grapes in its mouth, (fig.
That led me to examine subjects as diverse as reindeer hunters in Northamptonshire or horn-shaped aerials atop Cold War microwave relay towers.
Jewelry: Hollow gold heart pendant and horn-shaped pendant.
But some were erected in the same burial ground with other tombstones from later periods, such as the 13th century, which have dates, Arabic calligraphy and similar horn-shaped designs as those royal tombstones of Samudra Pasai in eastern Aceh.
Today, the cornucopia is typically a hollow, horn-shaped wicker basket typically filled with various kinds of festive fruit and vegetables and flowers.
At first they assumed it was caused by heat from droppings left behind by the many pigeons roosting in the metallic horn-shaped antenna, but repeated cleanings didn't clear out the static.