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shaped in the form of a horn

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Uncus very short, apex pen-point-like; tegumen relatively short and narrow; valva medium-long; cucullus broadly rounded; costal margin concave, slightly sclerotized; a proximal lobe of valva rather large, rounded; ampulla well sclerotized, tapering, slightly arcuate, more or less horn-shaped, apically rounded; sacculus simple, short; vinculum very short, Vshaped.
This figure shows the cross section of the horn-shaped portion protruding out until near the flow front.
This work and the two T'ang, moulded, horn-shaped drinking cups (rhytons), one, a dragon head with a ball in its mouth and the second, a bird head with a cluster of grapes in its mouth, (fig.
repanda, both ventral and dorsal leaves are of normal type with horn-shaped or tongue-like ligules.
Jewelry: Hollow gold heart pendant and horn-shaped pendant.
But some were erected in the same burial ground with other tombstones from later periods, such as the 13th century, which have dates, Arabic calligraphy and similar horn-shaped designs as those royal tombstones of Samudra Pasai in eastern Aceh.
Today, the cornucopia is typically a hollow, horn-shaped wicker basket typically filled with various kinds of festive fruit and vegetables and flowers.
When I hear the word, I usually see the familiar image of a horn-shaped wicker basket, overflowing with fall vegetables and fruits.
Aedeagus medium-long, horn-shaped, pointed at extremity; coecum broad and long, similar rectangle, weakly sclerotized, 1/3 times as long as aedeagus; vesica without cornuti.
The judges ruled the Kiddee Case, which features handles shaped like animal ears and insect antennae, was sufficiently different from the Trunki's animal horn-shaped handles.
The immense wealth of the empire is apparent, even in the ornate tableware commissioned by the Persian kings which includes intricately carved gold and silver bowls; horn-shaped drinking cups and polished stone trays.
It also produces a heart pendant and a horn-shaped pendant both with a St George Cross design made from rubies and diamonds, which are proving popular as the World Cup approaches.
Rhyta (singular rhyton) are horn-shaped vessels with two holes in them, usually at opposite ends, widely known from Classical times.
Other features include dielectric-coated prisms for enhanced resolution, dual-focus knob with locking diopter adjustments, and horn-shaped detachable eyecups.
According to Kahwaji, the show includes 17 kinds of coral shells, "with the rectangle and horn-shaped Murex shells being the most distinguished types.