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having the frame made of horn or tortoise shell or plastic that simulates either

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Perhaps it was the thick horn-rimmed spectacles that put off the coaches - or just my natural cowardice.
Opticians have reported a rise in sales of the horn-rimmed
Falconer wears the sharpest of suits, hides behind a pair of groovy horn-rimmed glasses and whizzes around in just the most darling little sports car.
Sporting a beard, horn-rimmed glasses and wrestling some cheap keyboards, the Californian is not too dissimilar To Eels' Mark Everett.
He didn't make any fuss, and he didn't have his trademark Bennet horn-rimmed specs on, so he went virtually unnoticed.
On the local front there was Buddy Holly, who before he donned the horn-rimmed spectacles was none other than singer/songwriter/producer Steve Taylor, whose take on the 50s legend was uncanny, as he rocked his way through the classics like Rave On, Peggy Sue and That'll Be The Day.
Patricia Hitchcock plays Barbara Morton, Anne's sister who bears a slight resemblance to Miriam, which is accentuated by her horn-rimmed spectacles.
So we created 'retro-scientist' look for the ENGOBI Girls, with lab coats, mid-60s-styled product-colored beehive wigs, and black horn-rimmed glasses.
Bennet (aka Horn-Rimmed Glasses) on the NBC series "Heroes" for the past two seasons previously had a six-year run as Steven Carrington on the classic nighttime soap "Dynasty.
I didn't have a pocket protector, and I didn't wear horn-rimmed glasses, but my "techie engineer" qualities were apparently tattooed like a bar code on my forehead.
He glowered through horn-rimmed specs out of the 12in screens, a grouchy headmaster sporting bow tie and unpruned moustache and a voice described as "fruity saloon bar", a voice designed for the sudden explosion, and no-one who saw him will ever forget him.
As standards improved, especially with the advent of specialists like Peter O'Sullevan, Glendenning's plummy style became as old-fashioned as his distinctive appearance; he wore large horn-rimmed glasses and a luxuriant handlebar moustache.
The 6-foot-6 Hastings is known not only for his lanky frame and black, horn-rimmed glasses, but also his opening line: "Let me just say, I have no fight with you people.
Folds' idiosyncratic vision - which references the likes of Todd Rundgren, Billy Joel, Joe Jackson and Elton John - is not so much refracted through rose-tinted spectacles, but rather horn-rimmed ones.
One man was described as being about 5ft 10ins with dark brown hair and wore horn-rimmed glasses.