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the quality of being parallel to the horizon

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perseverance, belonging, lovingness, creativity, respect, --Principles: equity, social environmental justice, participation, autonomy, horizontality.
On the one hand, emerging countries have supported a highly politicized agenda relying on the democratization of the multilateral system, international horizontality, and the sharing of more adaptable development experiences.
The roles of victim and aggressor are inverted, standing in stark contrast to the reclining virgins and bodies, where muteness and horizontality paralyze action, reifying the female body and desire between females.
Qualitative analysis of the Narrative Discourse and Writing tasks Stroke NHC RBD (%) LBD (%) (%) Narrative Discourse Full recount 52 58 32 (scores 0 and 1) Title (scores 0 and 1) 68 71 60 Presence of inferential processing 56 50 82 (scores 0 and 1) Dictation Double letters (scores 0 and 1) 71 68 90 Letters M, N and U (scores 0 and 1) 83 88 98 Graphic space (scores 0 and 1) 75 84 94 Respect horizontality (scores 0 and 1) 79 88 98 Grammatical adequacy (scores 0 and 1) 25 32 51 Signature Adequate use of graphic space 83 92 100 (scores 0 and 1) Automatism (scores 0 and 1) 92 92 100 [X.
Accordingly, the social network support deterritorializes the locations previously assigned to the supporters or the supported part, and radicalizes the horizontality of a device as the RHS in a way that anyone can have his function changed, often without knowing well about the support as a concept.
Philips de Koninck (1619-1688), born in Amsterdam and friend of Rembrandt's, drew on Haarlem artists' depictions of the immense Dutch sky when creating his landscapes, structuring his compositions according to a powerful horizontality.
The OECD High Level Risk Forum is a good example of this horizontality, as it brings together government, business, civil society, scientific input, and of course international organizations.
Thus, centralization is linked to verticality in Australia and decentralization is linked to horizontality in Canada (1).
When movements are turned into substances to which properties such as horizontality originally and necessarily apply, initiatives can start to be seen not as immanent transformations but as what will inevitably "change, corrupt or dissolve" (Clastres, 1977) a much-prized horizontality.
The horizontality of a stage is carefully checked before the experiments using a spirit level.
This suggests that, in search of the silver bullet for the European economy, horizontality and the integration of other disciplines' results has been weak.
He adheres to the theory of civilization of Elias, in which parents act, from a relationship based on equality and horizontality, as modulators of the dominant culture of society adapted to each child (sociogenesis and psychogenesis).
The verticality, convoluted floor plans, and florid details of Victorian architecture were supplanted by horizontality, continuous spatial flow, simple natural materials, and expanses of glass that erased the barriers between inside and out," she adds.
Although some Occupiers had previous experience with horizontality from other social movements, for many this was a new way of relating.
This sense of horizontality is even more evident in Time Memory 11, 2011, in which different kinds of paper (for instance, cardboard, rice paper, and wrapping paper, in predominantly brown and neutral tones), set mostly at right angles, create a sense of stratification that is at once vertical and horizontal.