horizontal integration

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absorption into a single firm of several firms involved in the same level of production and sharing resources at that level

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Just as a military with a doctrine that emphasizes maneuver and indirection needs an organizational structure that is decentralized, has low levels of standardization, and has high levels of horizontal integration, it needs an organizational culture that values initiative, innovation and creativity, adaptability and flexibility, and risk-taking.
indicate that predicted variables such as entry type, horizontal integration, genre, satellite TV carry, and DMB carry significantly affect the survival function (p<.
Another example of horizontal integration would be when a CMO leverages knowledge of a distinct technology into a product form that utilizes the same distinct technology as well as an additional technology.
When Hammernick's employment with TEKsystems ended, she joined Horizontal Integration Inc.
While discussing the horizontal integration of distribution of the resources, while discussing the horizontal integration of distribution of the resources, all the provinces adopted elastic and positive attitude and proved that the newly elected provincial and the central government was serious to resolve all the national issues with consensus and amicably, Tareen added.
As a vote of confidence in the region's long-term business potential, BDC Holdings revealed that it has rolled out plans to expand its core businesses through a series of strategic vertical and horizontal integration of businesses across the retail, hospitality, communication, real estate and other service sectors.
Enormous growth potential through vertical and horizontal integration.
Vertical integration must be complemented by horizontal integration.
A key element of this relationship is the reliance on SAP xMII to concurrently drive the vertical integration of manufacturing processes into the business application layer (top-floor to shop-floor integration), and the horizontal integration of MES within the supply chain of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.
The other option would be further horizontal integration, buying IT consultancy and outsourcing companies to deliver comprehensive IT services to local authorities without the need of joint ventures.
The horizontal integration that IBS offered was one of the major factors in his decision "without a doubt," Weller said.
I think the challenge of adapting to this new world means learning new tools and dealing with different types of problems, a lot of horizontal integration, and a lot more speed.
To avoid sporadic implementation, Liker suggests developing a team to research and install an "action plan" that involves horizontal integration.
Interdependency is the transparent, horizontal integration of the Air Force among itself, within the other services, among coalition partners, and our allies.
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