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Synonyms for horde

Synonyms for horde

an enormous number of persons gathered together

a very large number of things grouped together

Synonyms for horde

a vast multitude

a nomadic community

a moving crowd


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O Tario, most glorious Jeddak," replied Jav, "these be strangers who came with the hordes of Torquas to our gates, saying that they were prisoners of the green men.
So, as there was no other alternative, the great coward dropped back into his dugout and, at imminent risk of being swept to sea, finally succeeded in making the shore far down the bay and upon the opposite side from that on which the horde of beasts stood snarling and roaring.
Against this possibility I urged him to hasten the building of a fleet of small sailing-vessels, which we might utilize should I find it impossible to entice Hooja's horde to the mainland.
Scarcely had the horde of Torn passed out of sight down the east edge of the valley ere a party of richly dressed knights, coming from the south by another road along the west bank of the river, crossed over and drew rein before the cottage of Father Claude.
He was partially guided by occasional shots which indicated that the Arab horde was still in touch with the villagers; but he knew that if they would but follow his advice there would be but few casualties other than on the side of the marauders.
Kev never forgot that initial elation of discovery and has continued to dig ever since but has never found another horde.
The new expansion will take players to the high-seas, to the islands of Kul Tiras and Zandalar, as the Horde and the Alliance rush to recruit new allies.
Rather than participate as a survivor in the game, zombie volunteers play an integral role in making up the hordes of undead out to destroy the last living souls on earth.
Yes, you're funnelled down a strictly linear path, weaving your way around bombed out towns and coming across ever-larger hordes of the undead marauding towards you.
And because of this, "Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire" will be seeing Horde Encounters once more.
Reading the book, it becomes clear early on that it isn't the Mongol hordes, long dead, that truly interest Cope, but the communities still living in the areas Genghis conquered.
Summary: Zombie hordes may seem like science fiction, but the world of Resident Evil 6 may not be complete fiction according to experts.
He takes issue with arguments that Moscow was a successor state to the Horde: although he agrees that Russian practices of the 14th-16th centuries may, in specific instances, have resembled those of the Tatars, he insists that "in and of themselves" these similarities "are not an argument for a Golden Horde 'inheritance' or some kind of historical continuity between Russia and the Golden Horde" (7).
Enemies remain eye-boggling and can be frustratingly difficult to beat - which moves us nicely onto that hour-devourer co-op mode, Horde.
I hope your letter is genuine - with a sense of humour like that, I wouldn't be surprised if you did have hordes of women running after you.