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Synonyms for hopper

funnel-shaped receptacle

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someone who hops

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a machine used for picking hops


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terrestrial plant-eating insect with hind legs adapted for leaping

(baseball) a hit that travels along the ground

References in classic literature ?
Didn't he say what the Hoppers and Horners were like?
If the mountain is under Ozma's rule, why doesn't she know about the Hoppers and the Horners?
The Minilift extended, lifting the Hopper through the hole, where it was temporarily blocked into position.
Edward Hopper is one of the country's best known painters: he based himself in New York City and depicted the city through the first half of the 20th century.
Grassholme: Black Hopper, Invicta, Ke-he, Kate McLaren, Orange Fritz, Gold Humungus.
An optional air heater controls and maintains separate air temperature for each hopper.
has developed an Open End Dumping Hopper to allow loading at ground level.
Called a Hopper Hammer, it is an enclosed electromechanical device that delivers discrete impacts to dislodge dry material from the sides of hoppers, bins, and bunkers.
WARHOL RIDES AGAIN: If Andy Warhol hated to miss a great party, as his pal Dennis Hopper claimed, he sure would have loved a shindig not only thrown for him, but named after him, too.
American Kuhne has designed a new Rotating Hopper for customers that change resins, colors and/or additives frequently.
When the hopper lands, the imbalance between its relatively lightweight, spherical top and relatively heavy, cone-shaped base causes it to automatically right itself.
Deutsch, however, lacks that particular blend of technical virtuosity and emotional repression that Hopper and Richter can oddly be said to share.
At a 1970 Hollywood party, a stoned Dennis Hopper turned to George Cukor - a gentleman of the old, studio school of moviemaking and the director of such classics as Adam's Rib and My Fair Lady - and muttered, "We're going to bury you.
Activating this hydraulic mechanism also signals the CPU to record the weight of contents in the weigh hopper and calculate the actual iron loaded.
Hopper Transfers - Exclusive to Hopper with Sling - allows customers to move recorded television programs from DVR to iPad