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Synonyms for hopper

funnel-shaped receptacle

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someone who hops

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a machine used for picking hops


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terrestrial plant-eating insect with hind legs adapted for leaping

(baseball) a hit that travels along the ground

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Hopper banks include separate temperature controllers for each hopper so you can dry different materials at different temperatures.
The event was called "Night at the Museum" and brought together more than 200 Hopper Information Services Center employees, their families, and members of the Navy Historical Foundation.
The Low Pro hopper comes with either a 55 gallon (208 liter) drum or half-size drum.
Hopper decided to be more professional about the process.
The Edward Hopper exhibition has been organized by the Reunion des musees nationaux--the Grand Palais and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, in partnership with the Centre Pompidou, and will be on display at the Grand Palais from 10 October 2012 to 28 January 2013.
Use the following checklist to make an informed decision about the pharmaceutical hopper that best meets your bulk material handling needs.
com)-- Stephen Pemberton's Coffee Hoppers Australia will exhibit at the annual Coffee Fest show held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington.
Owner Marian Tallant, who has two daughters Gemma and Rebecca, said little Hopper is convinced that seven-year-old Hooch is his Daddy.
evenly distributes powder and bulk coatings onto food products as they pass between the unit' s longitudinal discharge hopper and its lower collection hopper.
Edward Hopper (1882-1967), the American painter, printmaker and watercolorist best known for his iconic painting, Nighthawks (view the painting at: www.
Pamela Hopper, 34, owned up to punching, kicking, kneeing and headbutting Kirsty Pearson last July, Teesside Crown Court heard yesterday.
THE ICONIC AMERICAN artist Edward Hopper (1882-1967) honed his compositions by eliminating unnecessary details to reveal the essence of a scene.
Both Intermix and Banbury mixers can be fitted with either a pneumatic or hydraulic hopper assembly.
Traditional nematode control methods use hopper boxes to distribute the chemical.
At the urging of his parents, Hopper initially studied to be a commercial illustrator, which they felt would have secured him with a lifetime of financial stability.