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Synonyms for hopeful

Synonyms for hopeful

inspiring confidence or hope

one who aspires

a person who applies for or seeks something, such as a job or position

Synonyms for hopeful

an ambitious and aspiring young person

having or manifesting hope


full or promise

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The official video for Hopeful has been viewed more than 46 million times on YouTube.
Yudayeva said that she was hopeful that the nation could bring down inflation to four per cent by 2016-17.
When hopefulness is evaluated according to party allegiance, we see that 69 percent of AKP supporters are hopeful while 16 percent of them are not.
Our talks with FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is on and we are hopeful that with America's help, we will get him back in India soon," he said.
Lopez: When people have a boss who makes them feel hopeful about the future, they are more engaged at work.
A FEW Cheltenham hopefuls were under the spotlight during the past week and they were among some of the bigger movers in the ratings.
Synopsis: Among Americans who are underemployed, 61% are not hopeful they will find a job in the next month while 39% are hopeful.
Business Secretary Peter Mandelson has said he is hopeful that car giant Nissan will chose its Washington site to spearhead the introduction of electric vehicles.
David Williams, commissioning editor for Channel 4 and Big Brother, said: "Every year we hold incredibly successful open auditions across the country and for our 10-year anniversary we wanted to reach even more hopeful housemates.
Christmas normally has not been very good for us, but I was very hopeful this Christmas because of the fixtures," said Boateng.
Anytime candidates, whoever they are, aren't bringing voters around a hopeful vision, I think it's a mistake.
It is self-perpetuating -- hopeful people tend to be more resilient, more trusting, more open, and more motivated than those less hopeful, so they are likely to receive more from the world, which in turn makes them more hopeful -- which is why it's so important.
One day after being almost giddy at the progress over his surgically repaired knee and hopeful he would be able to play Tuesday despite missing the entire preseason, he arrived at Staples Center and took a pass, telling reporters the knee was still too tender.
I'm relieved to report some hopeful signs at NPE 2006.