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Synonyms for hopeful

Synonyms for hopeful

inspiring confidence or hope

one who aspires

a person who applies for or seeks something, such as a job or position

Synonyms for hopeful

an ambitious and aspiring young person

having or manifesting hope


full or promise

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Of this hopeful stock was Pierre Dorion, the man whom it was now the desire of Mr.
We found him engaged with a not very hopeful pupil--a stubborn little girl with a sulky forehead, a deep voice, and an inanimate, dissatisfied mama--whose case was certainly not rendered more hopeful by the confusion into which we threw her preceptor.
Leslie looked at them--youthful, hopeful, happy, typifying all she had missed and must forever miss.
I was second to none of the company in any acts of debauchery; nay, I soon distinguished myself so notably in all riots and disorders, that my name generally stood first in the roll of delinquents; and instead of being lamented as the unfortunate pupil of Sir George, I was now accused as the person who had misled and debauched that hopeful young gentleman; for though he was the ringleader and promoter of all the mischief, he was never so considered.
Partridge then proceeded thus: "In the parish where I was born, there lived a farmer whose name was Bridle, and he had a son named Francis, a good hopeful young fellow: I was at the grammar-school with him, where I remember he was got into Ovid's Epistles, and he could construe you three lines together sometimes without looking into a dictionary.
Tell you what, Tommy," East would say; "you'll spoil young Hopeful with too much coddling.
The shops were closed and the factories shut that day in the parish, yet no master stopped the day's wages; but for many a year afterwards the townsfolk felt the want of that brave, hopeful, loving parson and his wife, who had lived to teach them mutual forbearance and helpfulness, and had almost at last given them a glimpse of what this old world would be if people would live for God and each other instead of for themselves.
In thee still liveth also the unrealisedness of my youth; and as life and youth sittest thou here hopeful on the yellow ruins of graves.
Laska, who had been plaintively whining and fretting against the injustice of her treatment, flew straight ahead to a hopeful place that Levin knew well, and that Krak had not yet come upon.
Joe shook his head; but there was something so cheery in the buoyant hopeful manner of this speech, that his spirits rose under its influence, and communicated as it would seem some new impulse even to the grey mare, who, breaking from her sober amble into a gentle trot, emulated the pace of Edward Chester's horse, and appeared to flatter herself that he was doing his very best.
Their father walked on in a hopeful and satisfied frame of mind.
I said to that boiling-over old Christian,' Mr Pancks pursued, appearing greatly to relish this descriptive epithet, 'that I had got a little project on hand; a hopeful one; I told him a hopeful one; which wanted a certain small capital.
Stelling to anticipate this dread in Tom's mind, and to reassure him by hopeful words.
Despite the greater economic optimism among those who are hopeful that they will find employment, those who are hopeful and those who are not hopeful are about equally likely to report that they did not have enough money during the past 12 months to pay for food (37% vs.
I am hopeful but not yet sure that Nissan's decision will be favourable.