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chest for storage of clothing (trousseau) and household goods in anticipation of marriage

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THE world outside is never the same-no world is the same-and I know this, because I saw the last tears the old woman ever cried, and I saw my child's tears fall on her cold cheeks, and my heart is raw in nature and ruthless in economy and the inside of the house is dark and the songbirds are gazing through the glass for you, pogey child, little one, my darling courage of the hope chest, they are missing the song of you and the ashes lay heavy-lie heavy, lie heavy-on their wings.
Traub said the hope chest was ''an older type'' made by Lane Furniture and was purchased by the family secondhand more than a decade ago.
One was a treasured cedar hope chest Steven eventually restored.
It promises to reward the co-ed who collects the most names for the institute's mailing list with her very own hope chest.
Karen Schwabach's THE HOPE CHEST (9780375840951, $16.
Ninety-two-year-old Tante Lulu is ready to make a hope chest for Tee John LeDeux.
Forget the hope chest, you're all about her box now.
And she made a cover for her hope chest out of a drapery panel that cost $19.
Meanwhile a maternally neglected neighbouring pubescent girl who's busy amassing a hope chest for her future family becomes friends with Peter while one of dad's co-workers starts posting dirty messages on his window to two tweenage teases who want to settle an argument about who gives the best oral sex.
In 1820 Cardiff Maxwell buys a hope chest at Gibson's Antiques and Curiosities just before Amanda tries to purchase the same item.
If that wasn't enough, Holloway also logs many hours volunteering at the Prairie County Hope Chest, which provides clothing and transportation to help De Valls Bluff residents moving from welfare to work.
And the cast of child actors is uniformly marvelous, not least of all Carlie Westerman as a 10-year-old with a hope chest full of kitchen appliances she hopes to someday share with her husband and kids -a perfect Stepford wife in training.
sometimes called a hope chest, also like a dowry, a measure of a woman's worth'.
Using the tools of close reading, historiography, and literary genealogy, these Indian English scholars convey a deep understanding of how race, sexuality, gender, class, and caste variously play out in such novels as Rukhsana Ahmad's Hope Chest and Ismat Chughtai's Crooked Line.
For example, the Hope Chest Study, conducted by market researcher Eugene Gilbert for Seventeen Magazine in 1957, found girls as young as 13 or 14 interested in collecting items for their future households.