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a garden where hops are grown


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com will be on hand again this year to celebrate the love of beer with a justice of the peace, food, music and another chance for beer lovers to tie the knot at Samuel Adam's brewery hop garden.
In typical Lagunitas fashion, this beer wanders venturesomely from established style paths, into the magical hop garden where all Lagunitas beers seem to get their start.
Greenpeace is holding its tree-planting day on November 21 from 3pm at the High Spen Hop Garden community allotment, off Bute Road South, High Spen, Gateshead.
The Hop Garden in High Spen, Gateshead, features a fruit corner, nectar bar, bug hotel and a bench made from recycled wood for gardeners to take the weight off their feet.
The inn houses Jasper Murdock's Alehouse, 'America's smallest brewery', where brewmaster Tim Wilson handcrafts ales, porters and stouts using hops from England, Washington State and the inn's own hop garden.
The two brewers sourced their hops from the same organic hop garden and they share off-trade distribution.
At the HOP garden, we have a mascot, a male rabbit called Lavender.
New beers were gradually developed including in October 2005 Little Scotney Ale, which uses hops from the National Trustowned hop garden at Scotney Castle in Lamberhurst, where 25p of every bottle goes back to the hop farmer.
It also uses hops from the brewery's own hop garden, said to be "the highest [altitude hop garden] in the world" Imported by Noble Union of Spring, Texas.
Sarah Cossam is involved in running the Hop Garden in High Spen, near Rowlands Gill.
Preliminary plans include the reclamation of brewery waste water for irrigation and a two to three acre experimental hop garden.
Selected growers harvest varieties that are popular for dry hopping in selected hop gardens.
We have hop gardens that are the envy of the world - and enabled boring old ale to become the first British beer in the Middle Ages.
To create Samuel Adams Alpine Spring, the brewers sourced a German Noble hop variety called Tettnang-Tettnanger, steadily cultivated on vines dating back 100 years in hop gardens at the foothills of the Alps.
It's tempting to assume so; he displayed all the characteristics of an adventurous soul, he was impetuous, enterprising, intrepid and headstrong with enough of a romantic streak to appreciate that living among the hop gardens of Kent had its advantages.