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pine of Australia and New Guinea

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Hoop pine plantations, rainforest and pasture were sampled for soil and plant litter within 32 by 32 m quadrats near the centre of each site, with a minimum distance of 10 m from the edge.
Three composite soil samples from the rainforest, pasture, and hoop pine sites aged 25, 50, and 63 years required for aggregate analysis were collected separately, using similar field methods to 0.
In order to compare SOC stocks between sites, total soil C values were scaled to the same equivalent soil mass measured under the 63-year hoop pine site.
3 m of soil under 25-, 34-, and 63-year-old hoop pine plantations were lower than under pasture, rainforest, and the 50-year hoop pine plantation, and this difference was also observed when comparing C stocks to 0.
Soil C and N concentrations under hoop pine plantations were almost uniformly distributed across all 4 aggregate fractions (Fig.
Native hoop pine plantation c 1 year between windrows 10.
Bubb KA, Xu ZH, Simpson JA, Saffigna PG (1998) In situ measurements of soil mineral-nitrogen fluxes in hoop pine plantations of subtropical Australia.
Dermosols of the hoop pine plantations at Imbil lost 83-92% of their initial soil mass during the HF treatment.
There was no explanation for this high recovery of C in SOM from areas between the windrows of a 3-year-old hoop pine plantation (Table 2), as C was determined by the combustion method of IRMS.
2 Imbil, 1-year-old 0-10 Lithosol hoop pine under windrows IMB 1.
Bubb KA, Xu ZH, Simpson JA, Saffigna PG (1999) Growth response to fertilisation and recovery of N-15-labelled fertiliser by young hoop pine plantations of subtropical Australia.
As you cruise into Nelly Bay, on Magnetic Island, granite outcrops tower over the harbour and tall, emerald-green hoop pines sway in the breeze.