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Synonyms for hooky

an unexcused absence

Synonyms for hooky

failure to attend (especially school)


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Whether or not such "waking offline processing" is real--and Medina admits that if you put a gun to his head, he'd say it probably is real--it's clear that playing hooky can spark insight.
Since then Hooky has opened up New Order's back catalogue (whether you like it or not) taking it on tour with The Light.
Even the mats themselves fell into two standards: hooky mats tended to be for best and proggy mats were more hard wearing so were used more for every day.
Apart from DJing and bands, Hooky recently began a new chapter of his life, as an author, with his no holds barred account of the turbulent Haienda years in The Haienda - How Not To Run A Club.
Apart from DJing and bands, Hooky has recently opened a new chapter on his life, as an author with his no holds barred account of the turbulent times of the Haienda years in The Haienda - How Not To Run A Club.
We are fortunate to have someone like Hooky and Steve (Stephen Jones), with their experience as senior players because their involvement rubs off on those around them.
Percentage of workers who have admitted to already playing hooky from the office this year, citing errands and plans with family and friends among the top reasons for calling in sick when they were well.
Stephen is an out and out outsidehalf, Hooky can play there, full-back or centre and Rhys at 10 or 15.
hooky single Rearrange has been all over the airwaves, and with summer festival appearances, expect to hear a lot more.
So, while their music has the light Latin pulse that has epitomised cocktail good times ever since Perez Prado, with tight and hooky horn lines that conjure up all kinds of jazz dancing from swing-era lindy-hopping to the jazz dance of the '80s London revival, some of the electronic beats and the It gets the Gilles Peterson seal of approval.
For his part, Chairman of Dara'a branch of Sport Union Suleiman Hawila said the province's team won 36 gold, silver and bronze medals in the football, Hooky, athletics, bowling, tennis and bocce competitions.
kites above some miniscule town where even smaller kids play hooky and
PLAY HOOKY In between downward dogs and trail switchbacks, check out uptown Sedona's restaurants, which include vegan and raw choices, or browse art galleries.
Some kids may have a big reason for wanting to play hooky.
What she offers is what the market wants: hooky, smooth pop songs, the kind that often catapult artists from obscurity into heavy radio rotation.