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shaped in the form of a hook

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A typical configuration of a small, slit-like orifice, instead of the major duodenal papilla, is usually associated with a hook-shaped CBD and non-functioning sphincter of Oddi (5).
U,[lambda]] (g) = 0 except for hook-shaped partitions [lambda] = (n/s - k, [1.
In addition, several other designs of antennas are also proposed for WLAN/WiMAX applications by employing three L-shaped slots and a rectangular slot [9], combining a C-shaped strip and two L-shaped strips [10], and using one branch strip and two hook-shaped strips [11].
You get this hook-shaped feature on the flank of the cloud, where material is wrapping around an updraft," Snow says.
William Hamilton, dancers who need to perform with a painful blister can use a hook-shaped linoleum knife (found at hardware stores) to cut out a hole in the toe box from the inside while leaving the satin intact.
In this paper, an extra bending stub is added to two hook-shaped resonators [13], forming the proposed EBSR, to design the tri-band BPF.
The tin hook-shaped artefact, possibly an attachment or a handle to a larger object may have been deliberately selected for burial because of the importance of tin as a metal at this time.
The basis of his system is a 1/4-ounce A and M Hookerhead Jig with a Gene Larew Salt Flick'r impaled on the jig's unique hook-shaped keeper.
When the bow is fired, the hook-shaped suppressors cradle the string and absorb vibration as it returns to the at-rest position.
This is in line with the hook-shaped recovery scenario which Moody's introduced in May last year and which assumed that the crisis will leave enduring scars and that many economies will not return to their previous output paths.
Moody's report also identifies at least three downside risks -- albeit of varying probability -- to its hook-shaped global rebound scenario.
Moody's report also identifies at least three downside risks, albeit of varying probability, to its hook-shaped global rebound scenario.
As a result, Moody's is not ruling out that the hook-shaped scenario could potentially evolve into an L-shaped scenario,' explained Cailleteau, 'but it is too early to adopt this as Moody's central scenario, because the full impact of government stimulus policies is yet to be seen.