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Synonyms for hoodwink

Synonyms for hoodwink

to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

Synonyms for hoodwink

influence by slyness

Related Words

conceal one's true motives from especially by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end

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Government agencies, weakened by political budget cuts, have very few weapons to police the kind of corporate hoodwinking Ford and Firestone played on an unsuspecting public.
Addressing a public meeting at a function of distribution of cheques of financial assistance among the flood affectees at Och Sharif, Ahmedpur Sharqia, he said before the recent general elections, political slogans were raised for hoodwinking the people.
We've come to expect this sort of hoodwinking from the ad men in numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street, but not from our local police officers.
Bardhan also criticised Finance Minister and the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission for hoodwinking the nation on price rise and inflation.
HIJACKERS escaped with a lorry load of Cadbury's Roses after hoodwinking the driver.
These primarily involved hoodwinking the most gullible Bulgari jewelery store managers in the world and wearing awful disguises that make him look just like Jeremy Irons as an old man or old lady.
There is absolutely no reason not to think that if the Government thinks it can get away with hoodwinking us every time then it will.