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My advice to Bello is for him to resign honourably.
The author became a modern thriller writer after being honourably discharged.
Let's meet in Warsaw or Glasgow and settle this matter honourably.
Women assembly members stressed that the amount of Zakat given to deserving persons should be increased so such extent that they could live honourably.
I'VE little doubt that some British soldiers didn't behave honourably in Iraq, but I doubt if it ran into the hundreds or even into double figures.
Later, the court in its short order nullified the conviction of Nawaz Sharif by accountability court and acquitted him honourably.
Can we expect to see any of our other MPs act as honourably as the Speaker, or will they all try to cling on to power until the General Election, and collect another pounds 65,000 allowance, paid for courtesy of the British people?
We have worked honourably and fought hard for a long time.
He has no intention of engaging in a witch-hunt against people who acted honourably and in good faith in very difficult circumstances.
A statement posted on the Downing Street website said: "The Prime Ministe has no intention of engaging in a witch hunt against people who acted honourably and in good faith in difficult circumstances.
IABC's Code of Ethics is our moral compass--a guide to help us make decisions and act honourably, not just in the interest of our employer or client, but also in the public interest.
Following is the consensus document on Olympic Reform created at the first OATH - Olympic Advocates Together Honourably Symposium June 11 - June 13, 1999 in New York City: