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an official recognition of merit

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Larmondin's November editorial, entitled Why it was impossible for us to sign declaration, won an honourable mention for best editorial;
Varis-Smart Underground Communications received the Regional Award in Innovation, while Driving Force Internet Group received the Award of Merit in Innovation and Souris River Canoes received an Honourable Mention.
Rowley also received an award of merit in newspaper design for an entire issue (May) and an honourable mention in magazine design for the spring issue of Ministry Matters.
Honourable Mention in Leadership; Ebert Welding Ltd.
Tom Palangio of WipWare received an Honourable Mention for leading the growth of his company and for his activities with the Blue Sky Economic Partnership Mining Sector.
Sins of the Fathers, by free-lance writer David Napier, also picked up an honourable mention for the prestigious A.