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Synonyms for honourable

Synonyms for honourable

worthy of being honored

adhering to ethical and moral principles

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This done, the draft of the proposed petition was read at length: and the petition said, as all petitions DO say, that the petitioners were very humble, and the petitioned very honourable, and the object very virtuous; therefore (said the petition) the bill ought to be passed into a law at once, to the everlasting honour and glory of that most honourable and glorious Commons of England in Parliament assembled.
Then, the gentleman who had been at Crockford's all night, and who looked something the worse about the eyes in consequence, came forward to tell his fellow-countrymen what a speech he meant to make in favour of that petition whenever it should be presented, and how desperately he meant to taunt the parliament if they rejected the bill; and to inform them also, that he regretted his honourable friends had not inserted a clause rendering the purchase of muffins and crumpets compulsory upon all classes of the community, which he --opposing all half-measures, and preferring to go the extreme animal-- pledged himself to propose and divide upon, in committee.
I have myself (in spite of the bishops and the clergy) an unfeigned respect for the Church; but I am firmly persuaded, at the same time, that the devil remained in undisturbed possession of the Honourable John, and that the last abominable act in the life of that abominable man was (saving your presence) to take the clergyman in!
The Mr Tite Barnacle who at the period now in question usually coached or crammed the statesman at the head of the Circumlocution Office, when that noble or right honourable individual sat a little uneasily in his saddle by reason of some vagabond making a tilt at him in a newspaper, was more flush of blood than money.
The Honourable Justice Siddiqui called for an explanation from Ms Nizami, whereupon she explained that Nawaiwaqt Group held the utmost respect for the Islamabad High Court and the Honourable judiciary and no ill will or maliciousness was intended in the said programme.
The House resolution followed a motion sponsored by Honourable Babatunde Kolawole on the killings by suspected herdsmen.
Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada and the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada took part in the unveiling of the new Centennial Flame monument on Parliament Hill.
According to Sindh Information Department, the Honourable Mr.
28 -- The Honourable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, visited The Akshaya Patra Foundation to commemoratethe milestone of serving 2 billion meals.
Meanwhile, honourable Abdulqadir bin Salim bin Abdullah al-Dhahab was elected as Head of the Legal Committee while honourable Issa bin Said bin Suleiman al-Kiyoumi as Deputy Head.
Especially the one about the politician--let's call him the honourable Mr Etho.
Mohammad Jahangir Badar (PPPP, Punjab) and Honourable Senator Mohammad Daud Khan Achakzai (ANP, Balochistan).
The Parliamentary delegation from Senate of Pakistan includes Honourable Senator Abdul Ghaffar Qureshi, PML; Honourable Senator Fauzia Fakhar-uz-Zaman, PML; Honourable Senator Najma Hameed, PML-N; Honourable Senator Mrs.
OF course, the system was at fault MPs (the honourable and right honourable variety) were quick to realise that, as banks were not lending to small business, they should stimulate the economy themselves.
The Honourable David Emerson and his supporters think that he is much too good, much too competent, and much too superior to waste his time in the opposition benches of the House of Commons.