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Synonyms for honorarium

something given in return for a service or accomplishment

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a fee paid for a nominally free service

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Espital, however, admitted that they are not completely without income because they still receive honorarium from the office of Mayor Maria Laarni Cayetano.
However, JUI-F Karak president Hafiz Ibn-i-Ameen declined to get the honorarium and resolved to follow the directives of the party chief.
The JUI-F leadership has already rejected the honorarium announced by the provincial government, therefore, local authorities concerned should refrain from pressurizing clerics for the provision of their credentials or filling relevant forms', he added.
He refuted rumours that the government will subject imams to an exam before paying them the honorarium, noting that the government was not 'recruiting' them, rather it was extending financial support to them for the services they were rendering to society.
CDA Management has decided to pay an honorarium to the participants of successful operation against the illegal occupation of CDA's land adjacent to the Centaurus Mall on 08th November 2017 to encourage their services.
The award consists of a $1,000 honorarium, a bronze medal, and a certificate.
With an eye on the Assembly polls, the monthly honorarium of the Nyay Mitras has been increased from ` 2,500 to ` 7,000.
The author first reviews the honoraria jurisprudence and investigates how honorarium payments interact with the interests of the class members and the need for representative plaintiffs to provide adequate representation for the class.
Leyte day care workers said their honorarium always depends on the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) or budget of the barangay.
Mayor Ron Eddy, who is also a member of the board for the Rural Ontario Municipal Association and the AMO, the association representing municipal councils in Ontario, received an honorarium of $65,662.
The Armstrong/Kahn Award carries a $1,000 honorarium.
2010) will benefit from this enhancement in honorarium w.
I RECENTLY read that Cleveland Police Chief Constable Sean Price (pictured right) receives a pounds 50,000 retention package, honorarium of pounds 24,000 and pounds 74,000 salary, raising his income to pounds 200,000.