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Synonyms for honor

great respect or high public esteem accorded as a right or as due

a feeling of deference, approval, and liking

a person's high standing among others

recognition of achievement or superiority or a sign of this

to have a high opinion of

to cause to be eminent or recognized

to lend dignity or honor to by an act or favor


Synonyms for honor

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In India, Huawei's e-brand Honor has made a name by giving flagship-grade features at extremely affordable prices.
For senior high school, the Higher School ng UMak (HSU), under the auspices of the city-run University of Makati, has 10 honor graduates including eight with honors, one with high honors, and one who finished with the highest honors.
Features highlighted on the Honor 8 Pro include its high RAM, storage, and battery capacities, which rival those of several 2017 flagships.
Grade 11: Gabriella Eldredge, honors; Meghan Inderwish, honors; Abigail Mangsen, honors; and Katrina Pusateri, honors.
Michael Kaplan in honor of Vignetta Eugenia Charles
Chesapeake Bay Chapter-AACN-In Honor of Mary Fran Tracy, Cleveland Clinic Foundation-In Honor of Debbie Brinker, Dallas County Chapter-AACN-In Honor of John Dixon, Dave Hanson and Julie Miller, Greater Kansas City Chapter-AACN-In Honor of Mary Fran Tracy, Greater Richmond Area Chapter-AACN-In Honor of Debbie Brinker, Monticello Chapter-AACN-In Honor of Debbie Brinker, Sacramento Area Chapter-AACN-In Honor of Debbie Brinker
With the additional five, there will be 85 monuments along Lancaster Boulevard in the Aerospace Walk of Honor.
Since Bertram Wyatt-Brown's 1982 Southern Honor appeared, numerous writers have examined in more depth the interplay of honor and southern violence.
This year we honor three individuals who have cleared many hurdles to rise to the very highest level of achievement in their fields," says Bill McKenna, event co-chair.
Following the ceremony, Honor got his own recognition.
Developed to honor communicating service by a paper company employee
According to James, the lineage society emphasized a conception of aristocratic honor whereby men valued loyalty to their local lord or clan, guarded their reputations fiercely, and reserved the right to settle their differences by themselves through violence and self-assertion.
Lately, however, a number of Arab activists and leaders--including Jordan's King Abdullah and Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak--have begun to attack the practice of so-called honor killing.
THE NATIONAL Living Classroom, an outreach of AMERICAN FORESTS' Famous & Historic Trees program, was planted at Arlington National Cemetery on Arbor Day, April 29, to both honor the past and provide for the future.