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Synonyms for honk

the cry of a goose (or any sound resembling this)

Related Words

make a loud noise

use the horn of a car


cry like a goose


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According to Painter, the acquisition of Honk permits TrueCar to help those in the market for a car make the right decisions based on specific needs, personal styles and stages of life; and gives consumers trusted insight into the fair price of the car they desire.
Although police had handed out fines worth 100 rupees to 1,400 drivers for unnecessary honking by yesterday afternoon, driving through this island metropolis still meant getting an earful of blares, toots, and honks.
Why do people have to honk during night time anyway?
If we honk to get their attention, it should be a quick beep, not a long blast.
The amounts involved are not trivial, affecting contracts such as the 100 million-tag deal Matrics has with Checkpoint Systems, a contract with Honk Kong airport, and a $25 million deal with Las Vegas' McCarran airport.
And residents don't care if those who give them rides to work wait outside and honk before dawn.
So why does this happen, why do people continuously honk their horns?
To all those expats who plan to honk or urge a car blocking their way with hazard lights on is: first check if the driver is a local or an expat.
I honk, they honk, we blink lights,'' said Brown, who started in the grocery business as a box boy five decades ago.
I request you to publish this especially for drivers who honk frequently for fun or to scare other drivers and/or pedestrians, including the elderly and children, on Bahrain's roads and streets.
The geese honk from behind to encourage the leaders to maintain their speed.
I've learned to heehaw and I've learned to honk, but I can't learn to squeak--and I am a mouse
However, this is not happening as most drivers honk repeatedly and boastfully as if saying "are you blind?
Nowadays, I control myself from honking though there are times I have no option but to honk.
James points to a wealth of experience within the Honk contributory team.