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The fruits grow in clusters and are bright red and hang down next to the honey-scented white and pink flowers in late autumn.
She says she first heard about the honey-scented secretions from Heidi Riddle, who runs an elephant sanctuary in Greenbrier, Ark.
Then white umbels of pignuts contrast with the drooping honey-scented cream plumes of meadowsweet.
S Arnott for honey-scented flowers - they're too low on the ground to get down and smell, but provide a delicious fragrance to catch on a breeze.
49) is a fine, honey-scented dry white with almost a whiff of marsh-mallow, yet is bone dry and crisply refreshing.
Part II Glynn and Eleetra skipped through feathery broad-buckler ferns, through honey-scented pink and purple thyme, through meadows and valley, until they came to the rocky outcrop of Knott''s Hole, which today lies beneath the site of the old Garden Festival.
The honey-scented, soft-silky bugles of Petunia "Super Cascade Improved" make happy partners for the diminutive flowers of Lobelia "Cascade Mixed", for the contrast of their forms is most appealing.
Honey-scented white flowers cover this annual all year in mild climates, or from spring through frost where it's cold.
59 What they say: The light honey-scented emulsion distributes easily over the skin to prevent streaking and contains Vitamin E to prevent skin damage caused by free radicals.
Sweet acacia (Acacia farnesiana) is native to the American Southwest and produces scads of honey-scented, yellow puffball flowers in the winter.
Or go for a Honey Bath with Honey Dipper, pounds 30 before slapping on Sugar Scrub, pounds 32, for soft silky, spiced honey-scented skin, then finish up with Souffle Body Creme, pounds 38, in either Au Lait or Creme Brulee.
Indulging in this sweet, honey-scented bath has no calorific problems for a sweet tooth.
We love the honey-scented trail we leave behind when we swish our newly shiny locks too.
It is best placed in your sunniest, warmest spot and makes a 6in by 6in open bun, producing 6in spherical heads of brick red honey-scented flowers.