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Flights of fancy ATTRACT beautiful butterflies to summer borders with honey-scented, nectar-rich buddleja blooms.
at its Cumbria test site, Buddleja davidii `Purple Emperor' grew only 80cm (2ft 8in) tall and broad yet produced plenty of bushy growth and numerous 10cm (4in) spikes of honey-scented purple flowers in July and August.
Honey-scented Galanthus elwesii makes an excellent cut flower while the pretty petal-packed double variety Flore Pleno looks striking in clumps between patches of lungwort, hellebores and winter aconites.
The deliciously honey-scented, bright yellow winter flowers are followed by glaucous-blue fruit.
Honey-scented white flowers cover this annual all year in mild climates, or from spring through frost where it's cold.
Honey-scented plants flourish at this time of year ( the purple spikes of buddleja and flat pink flowerheads of sedums, both of which attract butterflies.
The honey-scented, soft-silky bugles of Petunia "Super Cascade Improved" make happy partners for the diminutive flowers of Lobelia "Cascade Mixed", for the contrast of their forms is most appealing.
She says she first heard about the honey-scented secretions from Heidi Riddle, who runs an elephant sanctuary in Greenbrier, Ark.
Then white umbels of pignuts contrast with the drooping honey-scented cream plumes of meadowsweet.
Or go for a Honey Bath with Honey Dipper, pounds 30 before slapping on Sugar Scrub, pounds 32, for soft silky, spiced honey-scented skin, then finish up with Souffle Body Creme, pounds 38, in either Au Lait or Creme Brulee.
In addition to hand-carved turkey and glazed ham, the Thanksgiving brunch menu includes prime rib with bacon and onion roasted Brussels sprouts and seared corvina with herb-citrus beurre blanc and honey-scented haricot verts.
The air was honey-scented by the long purple racemes of the many buddleias that grow along the river bank.
At a cafe house , which have become a central feature of Hadek el-Kobba, the shisha-loving customers have joined forces in criticising the new rise, saying that the price of one bowl of apple or honey-scented tobacco could be doubled too .
As, too, has the sweetly, honey-scented Alyssum maritimum (Lobularia maritima).