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having the color of honey

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For example, honey-colored rugs on top of bamboo planks, caramel-hued cloth walls made from grass, and warm, white bedding and drapery add a variety of textures to your living space.
On Saturday, Israeli Jews were among those sipping the signature, honey-colored Palestinian beer, providing an unlikely sight after years of forced separation at the height
Deciphering the individual mysteries of each woman involved with the honey-colored heartbreaker only provides deeper evidence of the value of Opoku's deep commitment to explore racial, sexual, social and political issues on the printed page.
These are not women who need men, but rather women for whom emotional release can come in a physical tangle of honey-colored limbs on the floor.
From the bright pink hues of the Tazo Passion(R) Iced Tea to the honey-colored mix of Tazo traditional black tea and lemonade, Iced Shaken Refreshments offer Starbucks customers an array of beverages, each with a light, flavorful appeal.
All of the younger gravels are dominated by honey-colored (Ft.
Says Martin Katz, the acclaimed vocal teacher and accompanist who usually plays for Daniels's concerts: "He has this wonderful combination of beauty and honey-colored sound, and when he needs to move fast, he certainly can.
Around the same time in Paris, Josephine Baker was launched into megastardom with a honey-colored body that pleasured the eye.
The line of honey-colored stoneware with antique-edged rims will be sold open-stock.
Beeswax : the Beeswax color family is a group of honey-colored golds, with undertones that shift from orange to green.
She has a gorgeous, fruity, honey-colored voice capable of a huge arch of sound.
For this entry, yellow and green gourds and squash fill honey-colored baskets and sit among bluish gray pumpkins.
I actually like to do this, even though it's gross and sticky,'' said Delya Campos, 16, her fingers glistening with honey-colored glue.
Honey-colored Brazilian granite will be woven into the facade at the tower's base complementing the neighboring buildings' masonry.
Talented mezzo-soprano Megan Latham (Dorabella) was a delightful actress with a clear top that becomes honey-colored in the lower range.