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Synonyms for honey-colored

having the color of honey

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Swylynska sang everyone else under the table, and her lush, honey-colored sound filled the hall.
Lightyellow to honey-colored oil means minimal degradation.
The researchers worked with unusual golden fish that have honey-colored stripes instead of the species' typical black stripes.
Made from the lightweight, honey-colored wood called korina, the Flying V's body had a long, inverted V-shape with a pointy peghead, while the Explorer boasted an offset X-shape; either one fetches $125,000 today.
His rough, honey-colored wood squares suit the twig and swirl shapes on Olsen's bowls and platters.
A petite woman who wears her long honey-colored hair pulled back in a braid, Poncher previously worked as a registered nurse doing discharge planning and quality control.
The remaining handle area is plated with natural, honey-colored, jig-boned handles.
Happy scenes are warm, sad scenes are cool; sometimes an entire movie, if it's set in the past, will be shot through honey-colored gels.
Mellifluous is an appropriate word, because her voice is sweet, rich, thick, and honey-colored.
This year's line features lighter, honey-colored wood and touches of vibrant hues, ranging from fuchsia to purple and green.
All of the younger gravels are dominated by honey-colored (Ft.
Says Martin Katz, the acclaimed vocal teacher and accompanist who usually plays for Daniels's concerts: "He has this wonderful combination of beauty and honey-colored sound, and when he needs to move fast, he certainly can.
Deciphering the individual mysteries of each woman involved with the honey-colored heartbreaker only provides deeper evidence of the value of Opoku's deep commitment to explore racial, sexual, social and political issues on the printed page.
These are not women who need men, but rather women for whom emotional release can come in a physical tangle of honey-colored limbs on the floor.
From the bright pink hues of the Tazo Passion(R) Iced Tea to the honey-colored mix of Tazo traditional black tea and lemonade, Iced Shaken Refreshments offer Starbucks customers an array of beverages, each with a light, flavorful appeal.