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(used informally especially for emphasis)

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Daley: We worry that if we honest-to-God empower employees, they are going to take this sucker someplace we don't want them to.
So over a period of time, you're going to have honest-to-God training, not ersatz training, which is what we've had in the Job Corps so many times.
Michael admitted: "I'll tell you the honest-to-God truth.
11:30: Share this honest-to-God telephone exchange with local lawyer explaining why he decided not to represent a particular client:
For all the wreckage and tears I witnessed on the news day after day, I didn't shed honest-to-God tears for New Orleans until I read my friend Chris's worries about the fate of his late father's grave.
But at least that was an honest-to-God howler - not some fancydan attempt at a drag-back a yard from goal that said: 'I'm so good I can take the mickey of you lower league diddies even all the way back her.
They're not just interested in a floating community, but an honest-to-God independent country.
Sure, nobody really expected to see porn at MOMA (even if this was, in 1990, perhaps the single most important hinge by which discussions of modern art entered the broader public sphere), but would it have been too much to include some form of television, photography, film, honest-to-God kitsch?
In real honest-to-God police work, where you want to catch bad guys, you better have intelligence coming from the streets--people informing you about what's going on," says law professor David Harris, author of Profiles in Injustice.
They called for a return to "faith-based morality"--not some watered-down version, but honest-to-God faith, straight up.
Pete" Conrad, Speedvision founder & CEO Roger Werner said: "Pete was truly one of this country's last honest-to-god heroes.
and the Cure's lilting "Love Song," and MC Joe's Latino hip-hop meltdown "Melo Do Piddle Le He He," which features honest-to-God yodeling
When death occurs, it is an issue, in the same way that weather itself is a real, honest-to-God issue for any Canadians living outside of the shovel-free oasis that is Vancouver.
Honest-to-God errors are still rare as a percentage of facts in the output of top news organizations.
This letter is written in response to "An election guide for honest-to-God serious voters" by Joan Chittister (NCR, Sept.