honest woman

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a wife who has married a man with whom she has been living for some time (especially if she is pregnant at the time)

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Chesney decides to make an honest woman out of Sinead, the perfect match as she's a champion moaner, and whisks her away to the only half-decent restaurant in Weatherfield, the bistro.
Delighted to finally make a (more) honest woman outta @tephyluv PROPERLY this time.
Fortunately, the women are the wise ones, and they cleverly outwit the men, proving, as Mrs Ford sings, "honest fun is the sign of an honest woman.
And an honest woman, Portia, Smarter than all the blokes, And a rich twit, Andrew Aguecheek, The butt of many jokes.
CORONATION STREET Mon, Wed, Fri ITV Following the bath-bomb fiasco, Kirk is keener than ever to make an honest woman of Beth and starts thinking of ways to propose.
You know damn well what; make an honest woman of the girl.
She said he was sexist and had been hurt by suggestions she "make an honest woman of herself" politically and a comment that abortion was "the easy way out".
An honest woman will always remain honest wherever she goes.
The bands arrived at the Jolie-Pitt home just a day after the actor made it clear at the premiere of his new film, 'Killing Me Softly,' that he planned to make an honest woman out of Jolie - at the request of their children.
We'll say no more about the difficult second series because Matthew promises to make an honest woman out of Mary.
Cafe owner Wendy Busst is an honest woman trying to make a living.
While Vinnie and Dobbs are well cared for in their billets, Kathleen and Joey are billeted by a less than honest woman and her son whom the four friends adventurously expose with brother and sister shifted to a better home.
But it should be noted that in at least two of the cases addressed in How They Blew It, the leading miscreant was brought down partially by the whistle-blowing efforts of an honest woman.
Being in financial straits, she certainly could have used the money herself, but keeping the cash was simply not an option for this honest woman.
Summary: Robbie Williams is finally making an honest woman of Ayda Field.