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Synonyms for homosexual



Synonyms for homosexual

of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to members of one's own sex

Synonyms for homosexual

sexually attracted to members of your own sex

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Catholic priests are homosexually oriented, but speculative estimates ranging from 20 percent to 50 percent have been frequently reported in the media.
Both women and homosexually active men are highly vulnerable to HIV infection, and little is gained by competing for the top slot on the "tragedy honour roll".
Harvey's fundamental presupposition is that persons homosexually oriented, like persons heterosexually oriented, can, with God's grace and support from a human community, lead chaste lives and refrain from freely choosing to engage in genital acts unworthy of human persons because they do not respect the dignity of human persons and the precious goods human genital activity is meant to serve.
Additionally, one of the first single men to adopt children in Florida, David Lindsey, got a 15-year prison term for homosexually abusing at least 3 of his 11 adopted sons (Muskegon Chronicle, 1/12/90).
Sexual risk behaviour, viral load, and perceptions of HIV transmission among homosexually active Latino men.
As president and CEO of Rogers Cable beginning in 1999, Tory oversaw the expansion to 700 XXX porn stores owned nationally by Rogers, as well as several pornographic TV channels (including homosexually oriented ones).
You make the interesting point that the presence of same-sex desire in the epic, coupled with the evidence of the earlier Table XII, may point to a time when Uruk was even more homosexually inclined than it is "today.
These are fascinating profiles--Nouwen's struggle with his homosexually and needy personality is particularly intriguing--yet Yancey's writing comes most alive in talking about his own spiritual journey navigating between the rigidity in which he was raised and the loosey-goosey approach to doctrine and morality promulgated by some Christians of a more progressive bent.
Similarly, in many countries, the epidemic was and is still powerfully at work among gay and other homosexually active men (usually termed "men who have sex with men" or "MSM"); and the Central Asian republics are now experiencing rapid increases in HIV infection rates as a result of growing injecting drug use, increased sex work and a rapid rise in sexually transmitted infections (an important co-factor for HIV infection).
When I did start feeling a bit homosexually challenged after a few months, I relearned what we all say we know: We are everywhere.
repeats this belief often, but never clarifies two critical points: Is he making this assertion only for the person who is homosexually active because of compulsive or symptomatic reasons?
Effective counseling with homosexually oriented youth or those questioning their sexual identity cannot happen if the provider has not first come to terms with his or her own feelings and attitudes about homosexuality.
Refocusing HIV/AIDS interventions in Thailand: The case for male sex workers and other homosexually active men.
Homosexually active Catholics have been infiltrating Ontario's Catholic schools for some time and, with their new legal status, now demand to be recognized.