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Indeed, as biblical scholars have argued in a collection of valuable writings, the Bible never impugns homosexuality (in fact, there is no Hebrew word for homosexual) but condemns practices that were inimical to the cultural mores of the time.
Soon afterward, an array of Religious Right groups joined forces to publish full-page advertisements in national newspapers thanking Lott and others (such as football player Reggie White) for calling homosexuality a sin.
In this issue Warner discusses Richard Meyer's Outlaw Representation: Censorship and Homosexuality in Twentieth-Century American Art, which appeared in January from Oxford University Press.
The church has to change its views on homosexuality, complying with the changing world," he said.
Just six percent felt that homosexuality was 'morally unacceptable'.
In England, Germany or Italy, homosexuality is not taken seriously as an issue, at least not in the dressing room.
The assumption that homosexuality is a result of disturbances in the family dynamic or unbalanced psychological development is based on wrong information.
About 98 percent of people in Nigeria say homosexuality should not be accepted.
The notion of a cure suggests a second, more insidious reason for caution when we evoke the genetic argument: there's the possibility that homosexuality could be defined as a defect, a disability, or an illness, as it was several decades ago by most psychologists.
In any case, he concludes, the fact of homosexuality appears to be set prior to a child's birth, at least in men.
While acknowledging that there is still much to be learned about homosexuality as a lived experience, PG makes clear that all persons outside of marriage are called to celibate chastity: "Chastity is a positive orientation to life.
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Reumann's work is the way she provides a history for current debates about sexual issues like birth control, abortion, homosexuality, and same sex marriage.
Even if they can prove 100% that homosexuality is a biological characteristic, that doesn't address homophobia and hatred of gay people, so it's not really addressing anything of social value.
If having biological older brothers correlates to homosexuality ("Gay Males' Sibling Link: Men's homosexuality tied to having older brothers" SN: 7/1/06, p.
Some conservative dioceses are attempting to break away from the American Episcopal church following the election in June of a female presiding bishop and the church's indication that it will continue to support liberalizing church attitudes toward homosexuality.