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the same pronunciation for words of different origins

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part music with one dominant voice (in a homophonic style)

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Most remarkable, perhaps, is the following exchange which commences with the same homophony noted above:
31) Thus, the scribe derived the Akkadian verb in the second half of this line from the homophony between the gate's Sumerian name (a-sikil-la) and the conjugated Akkadian verb (assalih).
In this, Zinchenko implicates what he calls the three sins of science--gnoseologism, monologism and homophony as oppositional to Bakhtin's existential standpoint.
31) The homophony of their names--Edgar (edcar/carde), Cardenio (gardenio/edgarnio)--suggests a garden of thistles (cardo is thistle in Spanish) whose ironic import should not go unnoticed.
The multiple voices finally "unite" into homophony in bar 34.
Given the homophony of Eyre and air, her name evokes a bird seeking to stretch her wings to independence, and the attic's vista plays along with the symbolic binary between grounded incarceration and aerial freedom.
Lesson 5 explores sight reading groups of notes and homophony, using examples from classic compositions by Tchaikovsky and Beethoven.
Beginning singers will not be ready for the complexity of Baroque melismatic passages, so tackling a difficult chorus by Handel, for example, will not be appropriate, but something by the same composer, with more homophony, will help the singers experience Baroque style music.
Thus an apparent semantic connection ("star") turns out to be inadvertent homophony.
Formally, then, humour-generating mechanisms include the processes of homonymy, homophony, paronymy and homography,(3) whereas the semantic requirement for triggering language-dependent humour is satisfied by a safe distance between the meaning constituents at play.
Even though it is generally understood that the Hebrew words for "naked" and "cunning" are based on different roots, they clearly have a strong similarity, bordering on homophony.
The same manipulation on homophony is observed when the mouse responds to one of Alice's queries: mine is a long and sad tale'.
204--Without resort to homophony I can match Daniel Galef's "triple past tense" with the sequence WEE (urinate)::WEED/WEED:: WED (dialect)/WED::WEDDED.
That end-rhyme reinforces the homophony of the differently spelled words is significant here since, as McIntosh notes, end-rhymes can be especially valuable in stripping away accumulated layers of copyists' modifications: 'a copyist who does not otherwise adhere to the forms of his exemplar may yet reproduce the spellings of rhyme-forms just as he finds them, so that even a copy at very many removes from the original may nevertheless preserve the authorial rhyme-spellings'.
Cixous saysfaire (je disfaire), and knows that 'fare' is a homophony too far.