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characteristic of the phenomenon of words of different origins that are pronounced the same way

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In addition, the main relativizer /[epsilon]/, is nearly homophonous with the definite article, for which Hofstede records numerous phonetic variants.
The ubiquity of terms like "potato" "father," "nothing," and "soft" in daily life, as well as Hemingway's penchant for use of multilingual devices, suggest that it is important to consider "Papa" and its (almost) homophonous meanings in Caribbean Spanish.
The Gullah entry nearly homophonous to Medina is Madina which Turner (1949) maps to Fon Madina "Medina, a city in Arabia which contains the tomb of Mohammed.
Another example of a problem arising as a result of words being homophonous is where a participant intended sub-prime led losses, but which the program registered as sub-prime lead losses.
Give them some way of braying brassily For caressive calling Or to homophonous hiccoughs Transpose the laugh Let them suppose that tears Are snowdrops or molasses Or anything Than human insufficiencies Begging dorsal vertebrae.
A further possible linguistic coding in the names of these characters: a very selective--and therefore tenuous--lexographic comparison reveals that Jen's surname is homophonous with the word yu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "desire, passion; lust; greed" while Xiulian's surname is homophonous with (and written quite similarly to) yu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]"fine and flawless jade or gemstone; virtues; excellences".
In addition to the existence of long, often referred to as 'geminate', consonants, there is a categorical palato-alveolar affricate merger to the effect that a word pair such as gin and chin is homophonous, realised with a voiceless initial consonant.
The meaning 'beautiful' appears to be limited to the north-west: Indus-Kohistani sakar 'beautiful, pretty; lovely, charming (baby, young child)', Burushaski sakar 'lieb, geliebte(r)' (but in case of the Burushaski word there is interference by the homophonous word meaning 'sugar'); compare also Kalasha s' ukri/sruki 'naked (woman)'.
This seems particularly complex in the context where dative and accusative ko are homophonous.
for homophonous bcags-] gnas [parallel] Blobzan Gragspahi stanpa darbahi gnas [parallel] chuchen dalhbab Blanpo-Khahbab [
Also, it is noteworthy that the context of use helps in dealing with the lexical ambiguity of homophonous words that result from the under-differentiation of phonemes in the spoken English of Shona-English bilinguals.
The phrase also has a homophonous characteristic that Fishman utilizes.
Brierley implicated fifteen other persons--Walter Atwater (goldsmith), Henry Barry (Irishman, whose name is homophonous with the Canterbury Tales's host's), Nicholas Bullhog (baker), Adam Clerk (servant of Tomas Talbot), John Colet, Tomas Cottingham, John Curtis (summoner), Gilbert (clericus of Thomas Talbot), William Hareby, John Hatfield (of York), William Huntingfield, Thomas Talbot (Irishman), Simon Taylor (of Bristol), John Verdon (Irishman), Thomas Wetham ("Travailyngeman"), and Alexander Wolf or Wolfey (of York)--and two others were additionally brought to trial on charges following from the crimes described in the appeal--Robert Paris and Richard Manston.
cck 'exit,' will be used as the resultative predicate instead of the homophonous form of the causative transitive verb to avoid repetition.