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having the same sound

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having a single melodic line with accompaniment

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This enigma is further complicated by the frequent use of the homophonic loan, a character with far fewer strokes, especially in the Dunhuang documents.
and even thicker', 'The next section is much thicker', 'It is homophonic with melody and harmony by the band', 'The next section is the busiest', 'there are lots of layers', 'The homophonic marching band finishes the piece.
The chorus conveyed the many dramatic changes effectively, as well as managing the florid imitative passages and the magnificent homophonic choruses with ease.
However, while recognizing the homoaffective relationship between Kahlo and Del Rio, Hall lamentably slips into the following sort of virtually homophonic commentary: "Frida, of course, preferred men to women, if the former were available; yet she was a master of manipulation and deeply anxious for attention" (190).
These ambiguities can arise from the intentional use of homophonic, homographic, metonymic, or metaphorical language.
An ostinato subject is provided initially by the trombone, creating a quasi-minimalist chant-like atmosphere, as other motifs gradually evolve and emerge before disappearing back into the homophonic texture.
When the texture is homophonic, does the text line up vertically well?
The textbook is supported by a student activities manual for writing exercises, and an online site with an audio reading of the textbook, exercises, flashcards, self-tests, and a system to allow practice typing on a Russian homophonic keyboard.
the homophonic hilarity of 'pet d'encule' would have had
But throughout the narrative, the homophonic sound of her nickname--"Cee Money"--rings and raises the irony that there is no money to see.
He goes on to claim that one can give homophonic truth conditions even for sentences with empty names, but this does not begin to explain what needs explaining, namely how such sentences can be true.
Various homophonic and polyphonic, Latin and Czech songs actually showcase the best and most intriguing repertoire, while they are not reconstructed Rorate.
The marimba accompanies the singer in "dominic has" by either doubling the vocal line or providing a homophonic texture that supports the vocal line, but achieves melodic interest when the voice rests.
Key to this Tallis resurgence is a dramatic shift in interest from the five-part Cantiones sacrae toward previously unknown short homophonic four-part anthems, two of them (All People That On Earth Do Dwell and Come, Holy Ghost) now known to be spurious.
In spite of the title's homophonic implications, Murray's book does not itemize essential Rush songs.