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two words are homophones if they are pronounced the same way but differ in meaning or spelling or both (e

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of Items Inflected 7 Suffixes Derivational 8 Suffixes Morpheme Juncture 5 Schwa Vowels Homophone 7 Greek and 7 Latin Roots Assimilated 7 Prefixes Subscale 41 Items (n) Table 4.
Words that sound the same but are spelled differently or have different meanings are called homophones.
When tweens write in techspeak, they often use shortcuts, such as homophones, omissions of non-essential letters and initials, to quickly and efficiently compose a text message.
As the Chinese word for crane is he, a homophone for the word 'harmony' and cranes are long-lived, these graceful birds symbolised longevity as well as peace.
An instance of a homophone which the program perceived incorrectly occurred when a participant wanted to say the economies but where the SR system recorded this as the economy is.
For a struggling writer, the typical spell checker may not be enough, however, so applications like Write Outloud have included audio as well as a homophone checker.
A homophone on the other hand is pronounced the same, but has a different meaning u these can either be spelled in the same way or differently.
Indeed, the word paradies, in addition to being German for "paradise," implies that which lies parallel to death, as critic Molly Nesbit has pointed out--suggesting a kind of purgatorial in-between zone (and coming perilously, perhaps intentionally, close to being a homophone of parodies).
homophone games, in which a mispronounced and resegmented utterance produces a new narrative (in Voeux, brainteasers which Perec gave to friends as New Year gifts).
19) Homophone means "a word pronounced the same as another but differing in meaning, whether spelled the same way or not, as heir and air.
Don't be disgusting," she says, flouncing off to the shower before I can remind her that homophone is not a pink mobile phone but words with different meanings that sound the same.
And, the latter part of the term for butterfly, pronounced hudie, provides a homophone that suggests the idea of multiplication, which reinforces the hope for marital harmony and fertility.
Sous le slogan homophone Ea son nom, "faites de la musique", elle encourage les musiciens amateurs Ea se produire bE[umlaut]nE[umlaut]volement dans les rues.
Used alone, Claro is beneficial to individuals with dyslexia and non-readers because of features like advanced spell checking, homophone support, word prediction, and audio feedback.
When date of creation of homophone by sound change is different from date of entry of the word, it is given in parentheses.