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prejudiced against homosexual people

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Players have been sanctioned for offensive comments made on social media before, with Watford striker Andre Gray serving four-game ban in 2016 for homophobic tweets he sent in 2012.
I am not homophobic, as inevitably here in London society numerous gay and valued friends can aver.
Instead, Hazel received the letter one day after she made a homophobic comment on a (http://www.
But Karen said: "As a gay woman who has experienced horrendous homophobia, I feel confused that anyone could interpret anything in the rap as homophobic.
It followed our report that Labour is investigating claims that Coun Thompson, a councillor for Soho ward, backed homophobic comments suggesting gays and lesbians are not "normal".
It followed a CLP meeting, just after the EU referendum, following which Wirral's Young Labour group said there were threats and a "walk-out by ashamed members" - with further claims made afterwards of homophobic comments.
He also wrote about 'homophobic councillors' and said: "Comments such as 'I don't do gay' are obviously homophobic and have no place in our chamber.
In the run-up to the General Election, Stonewall Cymru is calling on its supporters to contact their local parliamentary candidates for support in challenging homophobic bullying and hate crime.
Stonewall Cymru wants Parliamentary candidates to challenge homophobic bullying and hate crime
LABOUR MP Sharon Hodgson has backed her party's plan to tackle homophobic bullying.
A Au2 million package will be offered to schools to help them tackle homophobic bullying, the government has announced today (29 October 2014).
THE House Legal Affairs Committee has introduced a bill criminalising homophobic behaviour, punishing offenders with a e1/45,000 fine and prison sentence of up to three years.
CHILDREN'S Commissioner Maggie Atkinson returns to Gateshead next month to speak at a conference that aims to put an end to homophobic bullying in schools.
He was furious because a reporter wrote an article on it, so Alec spewed out a bunch of insults at the guy, many of which seemed homophobic.