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prejudice against (fear or dislike of) homosexual people and homosexuality

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Instead, like the best homophobes, these scientists presumed that homosexual behavior never gives rise to any genuine connection between partners, that it is a drive of pure lust devoid of any of the other emotions that might be found in their own marriages.
As President Clinton's plan is put into effect, and as attitudes gradually, grudgingly, inevitably begin changing about gay soldiers, until it, too, becomes a nonissue, perhaps we'll be treated to a period in which barracks homophobes will be heard saying, He's a credit to his life-style.
There are cat fights and multiple suicide attempts (played for laughs, har-har), abrupt shifts in tone and a revelation that will surprise no one, given how most cinematic homophobes typically have pretty large closets themselves.
I said, what is true, that the homophobes and the transphobes and, yes, the Christian fundamentalists of a certain sort are delighted by his book, and are even now actively conspiring to use it to reverse the freedoms flowering since the 1960s.
Officially sanctioned homophobes (Catholic cardinals, Protestant televangelists) have always denied that their homophobic words contribute to actual violence against gay people, but the connection between words and actions could scarcely have been more loud-and-clear than when the Reverend Chuck Spingola appeared at the University of Wisconsin in September.
In Dissent, he argued that intellectual conservatism was dead, showing how it had been done in by its own elite's corrupt, hypocritical, and opportunistic deference to creationists, homophobes, racists, and public-policy kooks.
As Reagan's tenure wound down, there was considerable speculation about his coalition's future; after all, it appeared to be an unstable amalgam of social conservatives and fiscal conservatives, the religious right that wanted increased government regulation of private life, racists, nativists, and homophobes, proponents of lavish military spending, and an economic right that sought to reduce government's functions across the board (except for corporate welfare, of course).
Such is the crux of the argument made by free-speech absolutists: Unfiltered comments sections allow debate to flourish, and other commentators will organically shut down homophobes.
The only bad thing about the new Emmerdale storyline is all the homophobes complaining about it.
Still, the Conservative silence allows the pro-death, anti-family MPs to dominate the airwaves and thereby encourages the media to continue attacking opponents of the permissive immorality as bigots and homophobes.
I know many good people who are not homophobes but are discomforted by the idea of gay marriage.
The Bush administration has given us irresponsible economic policies, lies over Iraq, and pandering to homophobes.
As a result of the work of the United Way, several ecumenical church denominations, unions, educational and medical organizations, liberal judges, the Clinton administration, and many other "mainstream" causes, left-wing activists are able to go largely unchallenged in labeling the Boy Scouts as bigots and homophobes.